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Sat, Dec 4th, 2004 08:23:18 PM
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Pop goes the Bush mythology bubble
Part 1: The 9-11 Commission

By Karl W. B. Schwarz

December 4, 2004—What follows is information contained in a letter to New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, and William Casey, chief investigator for the Attorney General's Office. In fact, the letter was hand delivered to Mr. Spitzer’s office before this article was published as the first of a six-part series of articles.

The best way to expose mythology as an operative lie is to start at the most recent instances (most easily remembered) and work backwards in time to the source of that lie. As lies often do, they change complexion much like a chameleon does when facts expose the liars and they have to shift gears and spin the lies in different directions. Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, et al have had to shift gears many times in case you have not noticed.

This is where I have a real bone to pick with our witless major media people who are either part of the mythology by design or because they are just flat out too stupid to see it for what it is [lies] or too gutless to stand up for America and tell the truth. The purpose of a Free Press is to keep America informed and in that role they have failed miserably, either through fait accompli as if the lies are now irreversible facts, or just too lazy, cowardly or blind to do their job.

The most recent Great Lie was the 9-11 Commission. That the commission was appointed to find the truth out about 9-11 and bring those parties to justice. No, they decided instead to use the public forum as a means of lying to us all and then attempting to further the fascist, neocon agenda of changing the Constitution and lessening the freedoms of the American people.

Heads up and pay attention: the Department of Homeland Security was created to defend this government from the citizens of the United States because they fear we will find out and we will rise up and cast them from power. It does not defend this nation, you, your family, friends, or loved ones. It defends only the government not from Al Qaeda but from us. They know when Americans figure this out, Americans are going to be way past livid and heads in Washington, DC, are going to roll and butts are going to prison.

In writing my book One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas , I not only analyzed 9-11, Afghanistan, Iraq, defense spending, Homeland Security spending, flaws in national security, the intentional weakening of the U.S. dollar and use of terrorism to drive up the price of oil and gasoline, the absence of "rule of law" if Bush buddies or Clinton buddies were being bad actors, but I also investigated the talking heads they put before us to spin their web of lies.

In that effort we found a considerable number of serious conflicts of interest that should have barred eight of the 10 commissioners from ever being appointed to the 9-11 Omission Commission, but then had they been looking for the truth, each of them would have been directly undermining their own bottom lines and those of major corporations and firms they represent, or their precious little jobs.

Without further delay, let us take a look at those eight conflicted parties and you come to your own conclusions.

Commission Chairman Thomas H. Kean (R)
Many do not remember that Henry Kissinger was originally slated to be the 9-11 Commission chairman until the public uproar gave cause to head a different way. One of the matters we have turned over to Eliot Spitzer's office is an evidence trail indicating that the insurance on the World Trade Center (WTC) was increased by 300 percent in June and July 2001 and one of the three U.S. named beneficiaries of that windfall is one Henry Kissinger according to the document trail uncovered by an attorney. That may or may not prove out in court, but it is odd that the name surfaces in a possible insurance scam on WTC and he also was the first choice to head the 9-11 Commission supposedly looking into the matter to find the truth.

Kean was appointed instead and he sits on the board of directors of Amerada Hess Oil, and that company is directly involved in the Caspian Basin and is directly benefiting by the Taliban and Bridas Corporation being removed as the last remaining obstacle to the TAP [Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline].

Also on that board are Nicholas F. Brady and Edith E. Holiday .Nicholas Brady is of course the former Secretary of the United States Treasury and chief architect of the Brady Bonds program, which has exposed itself over the years of being just a huge scam and blunt instrument to take assets and natural resources from smaller nations and put them into the hands of—guess who—the proponents of the Brady Bonds: the U.S. wealthy elite robber barons.

"The President today announced his intention to nominate Edith E. Holiday to be General Counsel for the Department of the Treasury . She would succeed Mark Sullivan III. February 2, 1989"

"Since 1988 Ms. Holiday has been an Assistant Secretary (Public Affairs and Public Liaison) of the Department of the Treasury and Counselor to the Secretary. Prior to this she was chief counsel and national financial and operations director for the Bush-Quayle '88 Presidential campaign and served as director of operations for George Bush for President. She was also special counsel for the Fund for America's Future and Executive Director for the Quadrennial Commission on Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Salaries, 1984 - 1985. Ms. Holiday practiced law with the firm of Dow, Lohnes & Albertson, 1983 - 1984 and with the firm of Reed, Smith, Shaw & McClay, 1977 - 1983. She also served as legislative director for then-U.S. Senator Nicholas F. Brady."

Edith Holiday was later elevated to Secretary of the Cabinet in the George H. W. Bush administration. She also sits on the boards of White Mountains Insurance , and Heinz (which I found interesting). On the White Mountains board is another Amerada Hess board member, Frank A. Olson, and another from Citigroup, Arthur Zankel. It only took one _Google_ to find a gaggle that included WTC Larry Silverstein and Mr. Zankel .

We might even have a Walker—Bush relative buried on that board too: F. Borden Walker , former Mobil Oil, Fairfax County, Va., board and now with Amerada Hess. That nasty matter of bribes in Kazakhstan involving Mr. James H. Giffen did involve Mobil, as well as Texaco, Amoco and Phillips Petroleum.

Yes, Mr. Kean, Nicholas Brady, Ms. Holiday and F. Border Walker will all benefit by the removal of the Taliban and Bridas Corporation. Part II—Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble in part addresses the pipeline all of these people conspired to take over. They could not make billions from oil investments in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and not have a way to get the landlocked oil and gas out. They had to have that pipeline across Afghanistan and the Taliban / Bridas Corporation were blocking the way . Chevron and Condoleezza Rice had to have been sitting in that boardroom down there, too, trying to figure out ways to get control of that pipeline so the oil and gas could get out.

Now they want a pipeline through Georgia and the Ukraine to the Black Sea too, so that is in part what the hubbub is over in Ukraine in regard to the U.S., Republican International, National Democratic Institute ["NDI"] and George Soros' efforts to control that election.

What Caspian doers does Baker & Botts represent ?
BP Amoco, Unocal (Delta/Saudi), Amerada Hess (Delta/Saudi), PennzEnergy (now Devon Energy), Remington Holdings, Ltd / Western Acquisitions, Inc, LLC and LP that were lucky enough to get $130.75 million in financing from OPIC to acquire oil and gas reserves in Pakistan. This one smells "pay off" and all Americans have the right to know who Remington Holdings and Western Acquisitions, Inc, et al, are, since both are reported to be Washington, DC-based Baker & Botts clients.

The Overseas Private Investment Corporation and Western Acquisitions, Inc. entered into a finance agreement on April 9, 2002 whereby OPIC agreed to finance Western Acquisitions' purchase of nine oil and gas concessions being privatized by the Government of Pakistan. Collectively, these concessions contain nearly 50 oil and gas fields producing approximately 26,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day and 168 million cubic feet of gas per day. [Author's note: Western Acquisitions, LLC and LP in Washington, DC come up, no information as to who the owners are of the "Inc.," think "nesting doll arrangement." Might be another "9-11 suspect."]"

"Remington Holdings, Inc. Purchase oil and gas concessions $130,750,000 Finance, (Western Acquisitions, Inc.)
"Citibank, N.A. On-lending facility $75,000,000 Finance (Citibank, N.A. (Pakistan On Lending Facility)"
Baker, Kean, Amerada Hess, Caspian Basin, bribes in Kazakhstan, Nicholas Brady, Edith Holiday, had to have a pipeline and got really big deals cooking in Pakistan, too, that conveniently have not been disclosed publicly on a wide basis and that wayward pipeline that can get natural gas to Pakistan's electrical plants, too. Come to your own conclusion.

Commission Vice Chairman Lee Hamilton (D)
Lee Hamilton was already on the Homeland Security Advisory Council and that alone made him suspect to me once one better understands that Homeland Security is all about protecting the DC government, not the United States of America, or you, or me. Lee Hamilton's weak link is he is the Director of the Wilson Center ; that center is closely tied to Kissinger and that center is dependent on major contributors and Hamilton did not want to be removed from his job for daring to not play along. What is truth when resumes, or a job, or prestige are at stake?

A previous article I wrote addressed Mr. Jock Covey , formerly of Kosovo UN mission and now with Bechtel. Mr. Covey formerly worked with Kissinger and, of course, Bechtel is the type of company that entities like the Wilson Center rely upon. The money flow stops, the think-tank dies. Part VI will expose something about UNMIK (United Nations Mission in Kosovo) that has not been disclosed to Americans, and it happened on 9-11-2001. "However, behind the scenes we have Phillip Zelikow , who co-authored a book with Condoleezza Rice but we also have as " Deputy Executive Director_ a former Lee Hamilton staffer while he was in Congress, Christopher Kojm .We can all sit back and breathe a deep sigh of relief that we will not get anything but Where's Waldo? from these two Bushmen, since the Executive Director Zelikow and his "deputy" are controlling what and who comes before the 9-11 Commission. They might be the real problem—the information that is seen and heard. Lee Hamilton does appear to me to be a man who wants the truth, but if I am right maybe he does not as bad as he thinks he does." "[9-11 Commission biography] Christopher Kojm, Deputy Executive Director: Christopher Kojm served from 1998 until February, 2003 as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intelligence Policy and Coordination in the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research. He served previously in the Congress on the staff of the House International Relations Committee, under Ranking Member Lee Hamilton as Deputy Director of the Democratic staff (1997-98), as Coordinator for Regional Issues (1993-1997) and under Chairman Hamilton on the Europe and Middle East subcommittee staff (1984-92)." "[White House biography of Condoleeza Rice] Her books include Germany Unified and Europe Transformed (1995) with Philip Zelikow [Author's note: Executive Director of the 9-11 Commission and controlling what is and is not looked into.] She was a member of the board of directors for the Chevron Corporation." "His name is Philip D. Zelikow, the executive director of the commission. Though he has no vote, the former Texas lawyer arguably has more sway than any member, including the chairman. Zelikow picks the areas of investigation, the briefing materials, the topics for hearings, the witnesses, and the lines of questioning for witnesses. He also picks which fights are worth fighting, legally, with the White House, and was involved in the latest round of capitulations—er, negotiations—over Rice's testimony. And the commissioners for the most part follow his recommendations. In effect, he sets the agenda and runs the investigation." "The 9-11 Executive Director, acting as counsel and limiting what the Commission sees and hears to a great extent, is Philip D. Zelikow, a member of the Council for Foreign Relations , an attorney from Texas, co-author with Condoleezza Rice of the book Germany Unified and Europe Transformed: A Study in Statecraft ,Rice hired him, they worked together, he was in the Bush I administration, he was on the Bush II transition team, yada, yada, yada. Shortly after 9-11 Bush appointed Zelikow to the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, yada, yada, yada."

Fred Fielding (R)
"Fred Fielding is a board member of Committee for Justice along with M. Diane Allbaugh, an energy lobbyist (Texas) and wife of former Bush—Cheney 2000 Campaign Manager Joe Allbaugh; also part of the Bush 2000 Transition Team. Just before the Iraq invasion Mr. Allbaugh left as head of FEMA to set up Newbridge Strategies to represent those that wanted to _get in_ on the multi-billion rebuilding of Iraq . Supposedly FEMA had a team arrive in NYC on September 10, 2001 and were "first on scene." Neil Bush is a 4 hour per week, $60,000 a year advisor to Newbridge via Crest Investments, Houston, Texas ."

"Also tightly tied to Newbridge Strategies is brother Neil Bush of Houston based Crest Investments who testified recently in his divorce proceedings that he gets paid $60,000 a year for doing about 4 hours a week of 'hard labor' for Newbridge Strategies, LLC. Of course, that is the same Neil Bush that managed to get out of going to prison over the Silverado S&L scam that did send its chairman to the federal penitentiary and a special Republican fund raiser was held to raise money to pay his way out of the fines levied upon him."

"[footnote] Mr. Bush said he was co-chairman of Crest Investment Corporation, a company based in Houston, Texas, that invests in energy and other ventures. For this he received $15,000 every three months for working an average three or four hours a week.

[footnote] In 1990, Bush paid a $50,000 fine and was banned from banking activities for his role in taking down Silverado, which actually cost taxpayers $1.3 billion. A Resolution Trust Corporation Suit against Bush and other officers of Silverado was settled in 1991 for $26.5 million. And the fine wasn't exactly paid by Neil Bush. A Republican fund-raiser set up a fund to help defer costs Neil incurred in his S&L dealings."

James R .Thompson (R)
James R. Thompson , chairman of Winston Strawn, lobbyist has direct ties to Van Scoyoc Associates and that firm represents many of the possible suspects and "highly motivated parties." James R. Thompson also sits on board of FMC, a firm directly benefiting from removal of Taliban / Bridas. Winston Strawn has possible legal problems in Nevada involving DOE deal according to several media reports and Senator Reid of that state.

"After Mayer Brown_s Richard Ben Veniste and Tim Roemer, there is former Illinois governor James R. Thompson, Commissioner .
"Illinois' longest-serving governor (1977-1991), is chairman of the law firm of Winston & Strawn, headquartered in Chicago."
The Mayer Brown lobbyist also represents Bechtel, Parsons Brinkerhoff and James R. Thompson_s law firm Winston Strawn does too and Van Scoyoc represents Bechtel. The overlaps are conflicts of interest when it comes to seeking the truth on 9-11.

FMC Corporation:
Jacques Cosmao, Director; Involved in carrying out the proposed TDA funded feasibility study of the Turkmenbashi oil terminal. FMC Coordination Center SA/NV, Avenue Louise 480 B 91050 Brussels, Belgium. (James R. Thompson sits on parent company board, has an oil and gas products subsidiary.)

Halliburton International, Inc.:
Oil field service contractor involved in Lamarg (Netherlands), Monument (Great Britain), and Petronas (Malaysia) operating in Turkmenistan; Mr. Roger Rion, CEO, P.O. Box 819052, Dallas, TX 75381-9052; Cecil Davidson, Country Manager, Mizan Business Center, Berzengi, Ashgabat 744000

Mayer, Brown & Platt:
Consulting with the Oil & Gas Ministry, Ashir Abdullayev, Attorney, Oil and Gas Ministry, 27 Bitarap Turkmenistan St., Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 744000; Sergey A. Lomako, Attorney, 700 Louisiana St., Suite 3600, Houston, TX 77002-2730

Unocal Corporation (Unocal/Delta Alliance) :
Wade Lundstrom, General Manager; J.R. Williams, Financial Comptroller; Tsalik Nayberg, Government Relations; Contract to explore, produce and export hydrocarbon reserves, Ashgabat Business Center, Ashgabat,"

"Thompson also sits on the board of Hollinger International, that recently disclosed 'House of Corruption'" led by Conrad Black, and also on that board was Richard Perle and Henry Kissinger.

"Hollinger International (publisher of the Chicago Sun-Times)"
[footnote] Globe and Mail, Report on Business, November 22, 2003 - Black involved in U.S. defence firm, Investor, director of controversial fund; By Paul Waldie: Conrad Black is personally involved in a controversial defence company headed by Richard Perle, a U.S. Department of Defence adviser and director of Hollinger International Inc., Hollinger disclosed yesterday in a securities filing.

Mr. Perle, who has been a strong advocate for war in Iraq, ran into controversy earlier this year over his role on the influential Defence Policy Board, which advises the Pentagon. News reports alleged he misused his position on the board to drum up business for New York-based Trireme and other ventures. Mr. Perle was also briefly retained by insolvent telecom giant Global Crossing Ltd. when it was trying to overcome resistance from the Defence Department for its planned sale to Asian interests. [ Author’s note: more on this pimping of influence in Chapters 12, 13, 14 .]"

"Seems Winston & Strawn was having problems out in Nevada and at least one US Senator is mentioning the 'C' word, as in crime. Seems their lobbyist work in DC is directly for some major names that are directly profiting from the Bush-Cheney belligerent War Policy. Is the Bush quid pro quo to overlook Nevada and let us all go muck up the 9-11 investigations? What is the connection?"

"[footnote] December 03, 2001, Winston & Strawn still in Nevada's cross hairs; State's delegation may push for criminal charges: Nevada's congressional delegation may push for criminal charges against the law firm that last week quit work on the Energy Department's Yucca Mountain project. Conflict-of-interest allegations prompted Winston & Strawn last week to end the firm's relationship with the department, the firm said. It withdrew from its $16.5 million contract, but admitted no wrongdoing. The threat of criminal charges came from a separate federal investigation into whether someone at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission leaked a confidential document to Winston & Strawn, which may have leaked it to the DOE. 'I believe what they've done is illegal,' Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., said Saturday. 'I believe they may have committed crimes.'"

John F. Lehman (R)
John F. Lehman is head of a firm [J. F. Lehman & Company] that benefits from Bush-Cheney War Policy and involvement in private equity investments into defense and Homeland Security companies. His partners are all former Boeing, Martin Marietta and United Technologies

"John F. Lehman , Commissioner was Secretary of the Navy under the Reagan Administration when George H.W. Bush was vice president. Big defense spending was the name of the game back then and is again under Bush—Cheney."
"John Lehman is chairman of J.F. Lehman & Company, a private equity investment firm. Lehman was appointed Secretary of the Navy by President Reagan in 1981 and served until 1987. During his tenure as Secretary of the Navy, Lehman was responsible for building a 600 ship Navy, establishing a strategy of maritime supremacy, and reforming ship and aircraft procurement. He is also chairman of OAO Technology Solutions, director of Ball Corporation, Insurance Services Office, SDI Inc., Elgar Inc., and Racal Instruments, Inc.,"
"Racal Instruments also manufactures fiber optic telecom equipment and that colossal fraud named Global Crossing acquired Racal Communications during its "Fleece America" program - more on that matter in Chapters 12-14 ."
If I were the chairman of a 9-11 Truth Commission, Mr. Lehman would be answering questions for a long time regarding a takeover bid in Canada he was involved in.

Tim Roemer (D)
"Tim Roemer accepted campaign funds from Van Scoyoc Associates , a firm that represents SAIC, Advanced Power Systems Intl, Citigroup, Bechtel, Fluor, and Unocal. He also accepted funds from Carlyle Group, Chevron, Texaco and Citigroup, a bank that is leading many loan deals with OPIC guarantees. His former contributors, relationships, are benefiting by the removal of the Taliban and Bridas."

"We had Condoleezza Rice come before the 9-11 Commission on April 8, 2004 and I submit due to her prior relationships with Chevron and Texaco, a Chevron Supertanker named for her, and Chevron Texaco involved in the Caspian Oil & Gas escapade, Mr. Roemer would not be seeking the truth from Ms. Rice too aggressively. I hoped that I would be wrong, but I am drafting this on April 4, 2004 and that is the way I see what is coming. I will watch on April 8 and I fully expect to see a 'song and dance' routine that is more vaudeville and less 'truth centered' than America deserves. Even after watching on April 8, 2004, no change to this part of the chapter.

"We cannot have Mr. Roemer looking too close and see all of these Van Scoyoc Associates to be the 'Big War Pigs' and 'Big Oil Pigs' that they truly are, or start making inquiries as to who benefited from Bridas and the Taliban being beat to Hell and back on a 'business deal,' with B-52s, B-2 Stealth Bombers, armored forces, aircraft carriers, Special Forces, etc all over there to make way for that pipeline and that Colossal Caspian Oil & Gas Deal under Bush Buddy control, not Bridas Corporation and the Taliban.

"We cannot have Mr. Roemer cross-examining Mr. Richard Ben Veniste on who his firm represents in the Caspian Basin Excellent Adventure. Or his firm's role in jerking Bridas Corporation around for years while the 'military policy' was put into play or that his firm represents Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan or that Pakistan electric power plant that was at one time owned by a US energy company. Or focus on that natural gas fired plant in Pakistan, since so many were focused only on Enron and the Enron end of that pipeline at Dabhol, India."

With Mr. Roemer being the new president of a venerable Washington, DC, think-tank, Center for National Policy , funding could dry up and turn that into a dinosaur if he solved 9-11 with incisive questions and fact finding, no one should have expected much from Mr. Roemer once a person accepts that " both sides of the aisle " are in on this 9-11 cover-up. (" In October 2003, Timothy J. Roemer was named president of CNP. ") John Kerry just proved that in rolling over for the elections with proof of voter fraud surfacing in many states.

Richard Ben Veniste (D )
Richard Ben Veniste, Senior Partner Mayer Brown, Rowe & Maw should have never been appointed to the 9-11 Commission except to cover up Bridas and Caspian related matters . The fingerprints of his law firm are all over Pakistan and the Caspian deals, and even a blunt instrument to keep Bridas tied up while they were going to be breached with military force. He was just waiting on 9-11 and hoping no one figures out the role his firm is playing on all sides of the deal.

What Caspian doers does Mayer Brown represent? Enron, Uzbekistan natural gas deals, Uzbekistan government, Shurtan II and when the deal was announced there was a sudden surge in "terrorism" that might have been "outrage," Kazakhstan government, BP (Amoco), Pakistan, Turkmenneft (in the matter of Bridas Corporation v. Turkmenneft, 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court, Case 03-1018, denied the Turkmenneft writ of certiorari to overturn 5th Circuit, and all while Mr. Ben Veniste was sitting on the 9-11 Commission playing Where's Waldo? )

"Shurtan II/Uzbekistan : Represented ABNAMRO Bank, as arranger, in a project financing of the Shurtan II compressor station for Uzbekneftagaz, supported by Export-Import Bank of the United States and IFTRIC of Israel" (and Bank Hapaolim of Israel too).

Who represented Turkmenistan / Turkmenneft to keep Bridas tied up in court? Correct answer is: Mayer Brown, Rowe & Maw, during same time they are lining up deals in the Caspian and clients. Of course, if one did not know to look for SAPIC down at 5th Circuit, they would not know to look for Bridas Corporation. We all need to keep our eyes on Prisma Energy International (the post-bankruptcy Enron, now Cayman Islands domiciled) and the Caspian Basin and those pipelines.

No, we couldn't have Mr. Ben Veniste looking too close at Pakistan or bringing up Bridas Corporation and tipping his hand on how much in future fees his law firm has lined up in the Caspian Basin. Might be in the tens or hundreds of billions over the next 30 years or so. Got all of those senior partners at the hog trough so let us all make sure they stay there.

Jamie Gorelick (D)
Jamie Gorelick sits on the boards of two companies directly benefiting from Bush-Cheney policy, one oil related (Schlumberger), one defense related (United Technologies ), not to mention her prior position as general counsel of the Department of Defense while the Bridas "mugging" was in progress in two countries—Pakistan and Turkmenistan. Christine Todd Whitman, former Bush EPA head, sits on the United Technologies board too. What environmental policy?

After being [s]elected president, Bush found friend Victor Ashe a cushy job at Fannie Mae , and that agency is now under investigation by the SEC for some serious wrongdoing. Of course, 9-11 Commission member Jamie Gorelick was also on that board during the period of time that the SEC was investigating. When news got out that people were digging into a 1984 Chattanooga matter and seeking Victor Ashe, Bush appointed him ambassador to Poland so he would be too busy with our GWOT buddies over in Poland to talk to the media.

"I thought maybe Jamie S. Gorelick, Commissioner was a go-getter until I saw the Big War Pig and Big Oil Pig boards she sits on and her former role as general counsel for the Department of Defense, and they are certainly 100 percent behind the Bush-Cheney Ball Busting Foreign Policy.

"From May 1993 until she joined the Justice Department, Gorelick served as general counsel of the Department of Defense."
"She also serves on several boards, including the Fannie Mae Foundation, United Technologies Corporation, Schlumberger, Limited, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Harvard College Board of Overseers, America's Promise, the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, and The National Park Foundation, and currently serves on the Central Intelligence Agency's National Security Advisory Panel as well as the President's Review of Intelligence.
"Since it is this particular CIA committee and Richard Clarke that everyone wants to point the finger of blame towards, I am not sure how this person got on the 9-11 Commission to "investigate itself" as it pertains to the CIA. Hmmm, Gorelick was General Counsel of DoD while the Bridas mugging in Texas (and Turkmenistan and Pakistan) was in progress. How interesting. Maybe we should look for her legal opinion on ' breach of contract with military force' since Bridas won in the US Courts its interference of contract claims against Unocal and Turkmenneft. Took years, but the truth prevailed.
"Schlumberger just started reporting in the third quarter of 2004, about the same time the 9-11 Commission was signing off and making its recommendations to Congress, that it is in fact doing work in Kazakhstan and doing quite well with a ' significant surge in revenues due to Caspian Basin related work. ' Now, why did they apparently keep that quiet during the entire time of the 9-11 Commission hearings? Also note that Chevron (with Condoleezza ties) stayed mum about their efforts in the Caspian for the most part. We cannot have Big Oil Pigs thumping their chests too much while the investigations are in progress and American soldiers are dying for lies and being told they are going to be over there a long time protecting this Bush Oil Legacy.
"It also came up during John Ashcroft's testimony before the 9-11 Commission that Ms. Gorelick was involved in a memorandum or opinion regarding 'domestic wire taps' and 'foreign intelligence wire taps' under FISA [Foreign Intelligence Security Act] that blocked FBI agents from even sharing information together, or something to that effect. Just sounds like another reason she should be on the other side of the table rather than sitting on the 9-11 Commission."

Of course, Fannie Mae is now disclosing that their 3rd quarter losses could run as high as $9 billion . The way Old Wastrel George blasts through our taxpayer money and keeps piling up the debt at record levels, what's a mere 9 billion bucks to our president that has not a clue what " stewardship " means?

Have you heard about FBI Translator Sibel D. Edmonds and efforts to silence her? The White House and Ashcroft have been working overtime to shut her up. Her translations did not expose 9-11 and use of planes. It exposed drug trafficking and money laundering, foreign names and American names—pre-9-11 funding.

Stop and THINK! What does "How they paid for 9-11" have to do with National Security, other than WHO DID IT?

Please sign the Justicefor9-11.org petition if you too demand the truth and justice regarding September 11, 2001. There is much truth to be found and we have a National Capitol that is full of people that have an aversion to the truth. It is time that we as American Citizens get to the bottom of what they fear so much and why they fear the truth.

It is time for all Americans to wake up. They are not there for " what is good for America "; they are doing what they do as " what is good for DC " and them personally, including their wealthy contributors who could not care an iota about justice with so many trillions in oil and gas deals to conquer.

Karl W. B. Schwarz lives in Little Rock, AR and is the author of " One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas, a Conservative Republican Speaks Out ." He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Patmos Nanotechnologies, LLC and I-nets Security Systems, a designer of intelligence and communications UAV systems.

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