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Author:written by J Vialls posted by jc
Sun, Dec 5th, 2004 11:16:45 AM
Topic: One Possible Iraqi Endgame Scenario

"He's fucking faking he's dead," says the first marine in the church. A second replies: "Yeah, he's breathing." The first marine repeats: "He's fucking faking he's dead", then aims and coldly shoots the unarmed injured man three times with his automatic rifle. "He's dead now!"

By this single barbaric act, and hundreds more in Iraq not shown on film, the once-proud United States Marines have proved they are now no different from Jewish War Criminals in Occupied Palestine, who gleefully continue to murder unarmed Palestinian civilians every day of the week. America's 'Diên Biên Phu' Has Started in Iraq

As Republican Guard strategists suck U.S. combat troops further north into unwanted urban areas like Fallujah, Samarra, Kirkuk and Mosul, America's supply lines from Kuwait in the far south become longer and thinner. Eventually those supply lines will be attacked by the Shi'ite Mehdi Army and cut completely, thereby starving the U.S. combat troops into surrender. To understand how and why this will happen, we need to travel back in time to March 1954.

Vietnamese Senior General Vo Nguyen Giap.

One of the main reasons that America will come to such a cataclysmic end in Iraq, is the stubborn racist mindset at West Point, which still holds that a mere "Gook" or "Chink" like Giap could not possibly have overwhelmed the massive firepower of both France and America in Vietnam. Thirty years after the last GI scrambled off the roof of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon to escape to an aircraft carrier at sea, the American military remains in complete psychological denial. It couldn't happen so it didn't happen, even though it did happen, if you see what I mean...
It is approximately six hundred miles from Mosul to Kuwait City. If they are to escape the Republican Guard net in the north, and Mehdi Army blocking forces in the south, the U.S. Military will need to cover this distance on foot in evening temperatures of 100 - 120 F, with minimal water, food and ammo. Trust me, this is mission impossible. A Republican Guard Captain (in black), supervises the ambush and destruction of American armored vehicles near the city of Samarrah. Despite his holding a commission in the legitimate Iraqi Army, West Point psychological denial and NewSpeak holds that the man in black is really a 'foreign insurgent', because everyone knows that 'Dirty Ayrabs' (modern day 'Gooks') cannot possibly defeat the massive firepower of the American military.

Thus it is impossible for these tanks to be on fire so they are not on fire, even though they are on fire, if you see what I mean...

The end result is as predictable as Diên Biên Phu.

Though he is regarded as a war hero throughout Asia, Senior General Vo Nguyen Giap is virtually unknown in the west, despite the fact that he was the Commander-in-Chief who defeated the French and drove them out of Vietnam, and then pulled off a near-impossible double by doing exactly the same thing to the Americans twenty years later.

By rights, Giap should be the most famous general in the world, as it is traditionally the victor who writes history. Unfortunately this was impossible for Vietnam, which had no control over western academic institutions and media. Over the years that followed, western academics and reporters steadily tried to diminish the stature of Senior General Giap, perhaps in the futile hope that this would make his extraordinary achievements go away, and thus stop haunting them with recurring nightmares of continual bitter defeats.

As recently as 1996, a senior New York reporter cheekily wrote, "The jury is still out on whether or not Vo Giap was really a good general". Just what Giap needed to do to finally win the approval of a bunch of dense overweight Zionist reporters remains unclear, though he might have stood a better chance if he had thrashed the British, Germans and Russians as well. Perhaps this would have elevated him to the elusive "good general" status, though it seems unlikely, because there is heavy racism mixed in with the bitterness in New York, which extends to other institutions including the U.S. State Department and the Military Academy at West Point.

The bottom line is that the Wall Street bankers who so desperately want to control the world have never really believed that 'Gooks' and 'Chinks' and 'Ayrabs' know how to fight and win, which means that for the present at least, Senior General Vo Giap will have to remain a shadowy figure who just got 'lucky enough' to defeat two of the world's most powerful armies. It is this very arrogance and fake superiority that will finally destroy the fledgling New World Order from within.

If leading Zionist 'strategists' like Perle and Wolfowitz had paid attention to real history rather than their own insane ideologies, both "Operation Shekhinah" and "Operation Iraqi Freedom" would never have reached the initial planning stages; thousands of American families would not have lost loved ones in Iraq, and gas for automobiles would still be a relatively cheap commodity across the U.S.A.

During mid-1953, the French occupation forces in Vietnam suddenly decided that it would be a good idea to reinforce the northern provincial capital of Diên Biên Phu on the border with Laos, and use it as 'bait' to suck the outraged Vietnamese into suicidal attacks against its heavily defended perimeter. Over the years it has been claimed that Vietnamese Intelligence actually 'seeded' the French with this brain wave, and looking at the situation logically, it is a perfectly reasonable claim.

In a straight line, Diên Biên Phu lies some 600 miles north of Saigon, which at the time was the only resupply source of water, food, fuel and ammunition. Furthermore, every inch of the road route from Saigon to Diên Biên Phu was bandit country, with the continual risk of ambush and destruction. The French were not concerned by this because they had 'air superiority' (a term we will revisit in Iraq), and believed they could resupply their northern regiments by transport planes, and parachute air drops if absolutely necessary.

Equally important was the apparent erroneous French belief that Vietnamese forces would consider Diên Biên Phu important enough to try and recapture. For more than 3,000 years wars have raged across Eastern Europe and Asia, with every military commander acutely aware that cities full of largely-unproductive civilians are huge liabilities, requiring massive resources to maintain, for very little military return.

Viewed callously, Britain could probably have won WWII at least two years earlier than it did, were it not for the need to ship vast quantities of food and fuel across the Atlantic from America to sustain the populations of London, Birmingham, Manchester and a host of other very large cities. Thus, Senior General Vo Giap was perfectly happy to let the French take over the task of feeding the hungry city dwellers of Diên Biên Phu for as long as they wanted to, though of course he did have a vested interest in destroying the French occupation army. Significantly though, Giap set out to destroy the French occupation army on his own schedule and in his own ingenious way, and succeeded against massive odds.

It is what happened next in early 1954 that proves the French were set up for the kill, just as the Americans are being set up for the kill in Iraq today, almost exactly fifty years later. Diên Biên Phu lies in a large bowl-shaped valley with a flat bottom, on which the French built two major airbases, and is surrounded by easily defendable hills. The French reasoned that by taking the hills, the valley would be secure and could be used as a major air-supply route. This reliance on air superiority and air transport was a fatal error of judgement, just as it is today in Iraq.

For orientation purposes, it is time to do a quick comparison between Vietnam in 1954 and Iraq in 2004. In phase one of the Vietnamese operation, the French were suckered into moving large numbers of front-line combat troops into the largely-deserted city of Diên Biên Phu, which had no military value, and, crucially, was located 600 miles north of its resupply depot in Saigon. In phase one of the Iraqi operation, the Americans were suckered into moving large numbers of front-line combat troops into the largely-deserted city of Fallujah, which has no military value, and, equally crucially, is located 450 miles north of its resupply depot in Kuwait City. In both cases, every single mile between the Target City and its resupply depot was and is bandit country, with road convoys at extreme risk of ambush and destruction.

If the allied Republican Guard and Mehdi Army plan succeeds, the final killing/capture ground for Americans in Iraq will lie further north towards the top of the "Sunni Triangle" which will increase the distance from the resupply depot in Kuwait City to roughly 600 miles. As we will see shortly, U.S. Forces are already being lured further to the north, encouraged by the deception that they managed to 'capture' Fallujah. For all practical purposes then, the 'Sunni Triangle' in Iraq is the direct equivalent of Diên Biên Phu. Though the Sunni Triangle is more than three times the size of Diên Biên Phu it serves the same purpose, and the end result will be the same, unless America suddenly finds a general with brains sometime during the next two weeks.

Senior General Vo Giap did not interfere with French operations during the build up at Diên Biên Phu, despite the fact that he had more than enough troops. If the trap was to be sprung correctly, he wanted the maximum possible number of French invaders to be caught in the net. So from Late November 1953 until early March 1954, Giap's observers stayed under cover, taking copious notes on every French development, and logging the arrival of every French soldier.

By late February 1954 French operations were complete, and General Giap's observers were able to report that the two giant airstrips had been completed, all other building work was essentially finished, and there were now a total of 13,000 French front-line combat troops in Diên Biên Phu. It is of course a complete coincidence that the Americans recently sent exactly 13,000 front-line combat troops to Fallujah.

Early in March General Giap allowed the French to get excited by allowing some of his men to run through the hills, albeit fleetingly, leading to 'flash' messages to Paris that the Vietnamese had "taken the bait" and would "shortly be attacking French lines". Clearly the French commanders were expecting a bunch of uneducated peasants to rush the barbed wire perimeter waving ancient blunderbusses and pitchforks. Then the Vietnamese disappeared and everything went quiet again, and stayed that way until the late evening of March 13, 1954.

As dusk fell that day, large caliber artillery shells started raining down on the French positions at Diên Biên Phu as if from nowhere, leading to the suicide of the French artillery commander. Shamed by his inability to bring counterfire onto the hidden Vietnamese howitzers, the French officer walked to his dugout and successfully shot himself through the head. Well, at least he got that bit right… In a cover-up worthy of today's CNN reportage of events in Iraq, the officer was immediately buried in the dugout in total secrecy, lest his lack of personal moral fiber contaminate the men. In fact his men had far more serious things to worry about, because during the night of March 13-14 alone, more than 9,000 heavy artillery shells rained down on the French, who could not even respond with a single rifle bullet.

In a stunning move, Senior General Vo Giap had motivated his men to manhandle more than 100 heavy artillery pieces up steep forested hillsides that the French had earlier written off as impassable, proving that what might seem impossible to a dispirited invader, is by no means impossible for motivated men determined to protect their wives, their children, and their country. Now think about this very carefully people, think about it. Vo Giap had about 150 artillery pieces available at the start of the siege, but the Iraqis have more than 10,000 in the north of the country alone. More than half the Iraqi weapons have a heavier caliber than the Vietnamese, and all of them have three times the range. When the Republican Guard in particular finally decides to open fire, the sky will be black with incoming heavy artillery shells.

As shrapnel continued to scream across Diên Biên Phu, the increasingly desperate French sent fighter-bombers up from Saigon to attack the Vietnamese howitzers. This was to be a display of France's much vaunted air superiority. Sadly for the pilots, Senior General Vo Giap had camouflaged each weapon so carefully that not a single one was hit or disabled. In most cases the pilots could find no targets at all, so either fired their rockets blindly into the forest, or carried them 600 miles back to Saigon.

I can almost hear my armchair critics starting to clamor, "Yes, but there aren't any trees to hide behind in Iraq!" While this is true, it is also true that many months before America illegally invaded Iraq in 2003, the Iraqi Army carefully greased and plastic-wrapped each artillery piece with 100-200 rounds of ammo, and then buried the weapons in individual pits far and wide across the land. All the motivated Iraqis have to do (remember their wives, their children, and their country?), is dig the sand out of the sides of each pit, unwrap the artillery pieces and their shells, and open fire. Once the weapon has fired, drop the barrel back below the top edge of the pit, and throw a camouflage net over the top. All the marauding American F-15 Eagles are going to see is flat desert, and they won't be looking too closely anyway. During the last few months attacks by Iraqi shoulder-launched heat seeking and ultra violet missiles have increased alarmingly, in turn making the American pilots extremely nervous.

As casualties mounted in Diên Biên Phu, the French responded by parachuting in reinforcements, but found to their horror that they were being fired on by anti-aircraft guns hidden in the jungle. Landing on the two huge runways was out of the question of course, because the Vietnamese has turned their artillery barge on the airfields to stop such an event. A few suicidal idiots did attempt a landing, but most were either shot down on approach or destroyed on the runways. The last landing attempt was on March 28, meaning that Vo Giap had managed to destroy two large airfields using artillery alone in 14 days. Remember that just like the Iraqis today, he did not have a single aircraft at his disposal.

By March 31 all road convoys from the south had been destroyed or blocked, meaning that resupply was now entirely by parachute into an area bristling with hidden anti-aircraft guns, and supply flow started to dwindle rapidly. A good portion of the airdropped supplies landed in Vietnamese-controlled areas, providing them with much needed material. For all practical purposes Senior General Vo Giap had already won, referring to the remainder of the battle as "slowly bleeding the dying elephant".

The end finally came when the Vietnamese overran the terminally-weakened Diên Biên Phu on May 7, 1954. And so it was that 'ignorant peasants with their blunderbusses' or 'gooks' managed to defeat the high-tech wizardry of the French. In all, 7,860 French soldiers died in Diên Biên Phu between March 13 and May 7. Put another way, their rate of attrition from artillery and rifle fire alone was 143 soldiers killed per day every day of the siege, not including the thousands of wounded.

Then it was time to take prisoners. The Vietnamese provided basic triage for 4,436 wounded French soldiers, while the fit were marched to internment camps. Eventually after a lot of haggling and acute embarrassment for the French Government, the last 3,300 French prisoners were released four years later in 1958. Now try to kid yourself that this could not possible happen to American soldiers in Iraq in 2004.

Where the Vietnamese were essentially self-trained jungle fighters with minimal weaponry, the Republican Guard is special-forces trained by Russia, and equipped with every weapon in the Russian arsenal apart from aircraft. They are highly motivated, highly trained, and are presently sucking your dad or brother or son northwards into a deadly trap that the myopic overfed generals in the Pentagon cannot or will not see, and Wolfowitz would be incapable of understanding, even if you drew it all for him in colored crayon pictures.

It would be nice to think there might be a general with brains somewhere inside the Pentagon, but on the current evidence this seems unlikely. The Republican Guard provocatively string a couple of American mercenaries up on a bridge in Fallujah, and then sneers "What are you going to do about it?" They already know the answer of course, and some slack-jaw in the Pentagon orders 13,000 out of America's 30,000 front-line combat troops to go and get tied down in Fallujah, while idiot Wolfowitz rubber stamps the order. Now how easy was that?

Fine, the U.S. Marines rush through the almost deserted city of Fallujah, shoot a few unarmed civilians in church for fun, while using up huge quantities of incredibly valuable water, food, fuel and ammunition. While they are thus engaged the Republican Guard zaps a few more American convoys, meaning the Marines will have even less water, food, fuel and ammunition. Next up the Republican Guard kills a few more American soldiers further north in Samarra, and predictably sneers "What are you going to do about it?". The same slack-jaw in the Pentagon immediately orders 5,000 more front-line combat troops north to Samarrah, while Wolfowitz gets his rubber stamp ready. Neither man can read a map, so what the hell!

Then as if by magic the Republican Guard causes havoc in Mosul, shooting a few dozen collaborators and setting fire to some useless empty buildings. No need to sneer now, because slack-jaw in the Pentagon is already behaviorally conditioned. Quick as a flash he assigns another 4,000 front-line combat troops to Mosul, though he has no idea where it is. Well, it's a heck of a long way north, and even longer coming back if the Republican Guard doesn't want you to. You can work out the next episode for yourself, though it doesn't look promising…

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