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Tue, Dec 7th, 2004 11:43:32 AM
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CIA Operative Michael Scheuer and Bin Ladenism

Consider the following excerpts from an article on the “former” CIA employee Michael Scheuer posted on the Moonie owned and influenced Washington Times site:
In a conversation with United Press International’s reporters and editors, Michael Scheuer, newly revealed as the author of the best selling book “Imperial Hubris: Why the West Is Losing the War on Terror,” said bin Laden was now possibly the Arab world’s most popular leader, adding al-Qaida’s domination of the Internet in the Muslim world was leading to the United States losing its battle for the hearts and minds of Muslims worldwide.

For some reason they didn’t bother to mention that Osama bin Laden is the Arab world’s most popular dead leader. “I think now, frankly, he is dead for the reason he is a … kidney patient,” Pakistan’s Gen. Pervez Musharraf told CNN on January 18, 2002. As a former ISI big shot, Musharraf should know (the CIA and Pakistan’s ISI created not only al-Qaeda, or what the corporate media calls al-Qaeda, but the Taliban as well). “The first assignment given by Zia to [Musharraf] was in the training of the mercenaries recruited by various Islamic extremist groups for fighting against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan,” writes B.Raman , Director, Institute of Topical Studies. “It was during those days that Gen. Musharaff came into contact with Osama bin Laden , then a reputed civil engineer of Saudi Arabia, who had been recruited by the USA’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and brought to Pakistan for constructing bunkers for the Afghan Mujahideen in difficult terrain.”

Speaking of “difficult terrain,” there is absolutely no way somebody in need of renal dialysis would be able to endure mountains, caves, Tora Bora, and the constantly on the run lifestyle of the most wanted man in the world. “Once … you’re separated from your dialysis machine—and incidentally, dialysis machines require electricity, they’re going to require clean water, they’re going to require a sterile setting—infection is a huge risk with that. If you don’t have all those things and a functioning dialysis machine, it’s unlikely that you’d survive beyond several days or a week at the most,” Dr. Sanjay Gupta , CNN medical correspondent, said on January 21, 2002. I guess we’re expected to believe there was a medical facility in the caves of Tora Bora.

On December 26, 2001, the Egyptian newspaper, al-Wafd , published a notice of Bin Laden’s death and funeral. “A prominent official in the Afghan Taleban movement announced yesterday the death of Osama bin Laden, the chief of al-Qa’da organization, stating that bin Laden suffered serious complications in the lungs and died a natural and quiet death. The official, who asked to remain anonymous, stated to The Observer of Pakistan that he had himself attended the funeral of bin Laden and saw his face prior to burial in Tora Bora 10 days ago.” I guess there wasn’t a hospital in the caves of Tora Bora after all.

Michael Scheuer is billed as an “expert” on al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. Is it possible he missed the news of Osama’s passing?

Scheuer, who resigned last month from the CIA because of the agency’s refusal to allow him permission to grant media interviews, added that before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington, the United States had between eight and 10 chances to kill bin Laden, but failed to because of inaction by the upper echelons of the U.S. bureaucracy. He said the Bush administration’s claims that two-thirds of al-Qaida’s leadership had been killed and destroyed were “ludicrous,” noting the group functioned with terrorists, insurgents, financiers and administrators across the globe.

Either the CIA is run by total incompetents, or there was a reason not to kill Osama. Is it possible they didn’t kill him because—that is before he died of natural causes—he was a very useful asset? Or as the former CIA agent Milt Bearden said in an interview with Dan Rather on September 12, 2001, “If they [the CIA] didn’t have an Osama bin Laden, they would invent one.” Osama was simply too valuable to kill. He was the best thing since George Orwell’s Emmanuel Goldstein. Osama was—and continues to be, even though he is dead—a creation of Reality Control .

As for the awesome powers Scheuer attributes to al-Qaeda, consider the following (by Kimberly A. McCloud and Adam Dolnik ):
The United States and its allies in the war on terrorism must defuse the widespread image of Al Qaeda as a ubiquitous, super-organized terror network and call it as it is: a loose collection of groups and individuals that doesn’t even refer to itself as “Al Qaeda.” Most of the affiliated groups have distinct goals within their own countries or regions, and pose little direct threat to the United States. Washington must also be careful not to imply that any attack anywhere is by definition, or likely, the work of Al Qaeda. … In the quest to define the enemy, the US and its allies have helped to blow it out of proportion. Posters and matchbooks featuring bin Laden’s face and the reward for his capture in a dozen languages transformed this little-known “jihadist” into a household name and, in some places, a symbol of heroic defiance.

No doubt the al-Qaeda myth also helps sell Scheuer’s book.

When asked if the United States could win the “war on terror,” which was undertaken following the Sept. 11 attacks, Scheuer said: “No. It can’t be won. We’re going to eventually lose it. And the problem for us is that we’re going to lose it much more quickly if we don’t start killing more of the enemy.”

Maybe like Bush and the Pentagon killed thousands of innocent people in Fallujah, or 100,000 Iraqis for that matter? Remember, Bush says the terrorists are now in Iraq, he is not concerned about Osama these days, probably because he knows the Evil One is dead. “I truly am not that concerned about him,” Bush said of Osama back in March of 2002, not long after Osama kicked the bucket. Bush and the Strausscon Crew are more focused on killing “terrorists” in Iraq—that is to say the resistance. Is this what Scheuer means when he says “more of the enemy” must be killed? He doesn’t elaborate.

Scheuer highlighted several instances of legal or bureaucratic hurdles that hampered the targeting of militant leaders, including bin Laden, before the Sept. 11 attacks.
The CIA had a perfectly good chance to kill Osama when he was in that Dubai hospital for kidney treatment two months before September 11, 2001, as reported by the French newspaper Le Figaro. “Bin Laden is reported to have arrived in Dubai on July 4 from Quetta in Pakistan with his own personal doctor, nurse and four bodyguards, to be treated in the urology department. While there he was visited by several members of his family and Saudi personalities, and the CIA,” the Guardian reported on November 1, 2001. “Bin Laden has often been reported to be in poor health. Some accounts claim that he is suffering from Hepatitis C, and can expect to live for only two more years.” Actually, he only lived a few more months and died at Tora Bora.

Scheuer said al-Qaida was winning the propaganda war in the region, especially on the World Wide Web with regular political, military and religious discourses and justification for many of al-Qaida’s actions. The core of the movement was made up of true believers and it was controlling the debate in the Islamic world. It also had suspected success in infiltrating U.S., Saudi and Jordanian military and security services.

Frankly, the so-called “propaganda war in the region” would be won with or without a mythical al-Qaeda. Arabs and Iranians understand two very important things: 1) the United States supports everything the state of Israel does—primarily killing a whole lot of Palestinians–and 2) the United States supports repressive Arab governments, including but hardly limited to Saudi Arabia and Jordan, mentioned above and supposedly infiltrated by al-Qaeda. Of course, this may be true, considering al-Qaeda is a CIA contrivance and if the CIA does anything it is the infiltration (and overthrow) of governments.

“They’ve beaten our pants off, especially with their Internet capability,” Scheuer said. “They dominate discourse on the internet in the Islamic worlds.”

It would seem Scheuer is on-script with General John Abizaid , who is outraged “that people have the right to get on the Internet and spread this hatred [beheadings] and insanity without there being some curb, some law,” in other words censorship or scrubbing certain domain names. I don’t know if Scheuer has bothered to visit one of these so-called al-Qaeda web sites. Is there a reason the United States has not gone after the people who build these sites? It’s extremely easy to find out who the contact people are for these sites. Maybe the Pentagon has never heard of a whois search?

“Unless we change or at least consider changing our policies in the Middle East, the room for bin Laden or bin Ladenism to grow is virtually unlimited,” Scheuer said.

Next, Scheuer makes perfect sense (and this may be the CIA’s policy for all we know):

“They’re attacking us because of our unqualified support for Israel. They’re attacking us because we’ve helped cement on their heads tyrannies in the Arab world … for the last 40 years,” he said. They’re attacking us because we’re in the Arabian Peninsula and it happens to be a holy place for them.”

As we know, before Porter Goss launched his midnight massacre at the CIA at the behest of the Strausscons, the CIA had big problems with Ariel Sharon’s friends in the White House and the Pentagon, mostly because they wanted the agency to lie for them. It didn’t help that they outed Valarie Plame, a CIA operative.

Finally, Scheuer believes the United States should fight terrorism—he calls it insurgency warfare, not terrorism—in a more logical fashion. Of course, this will fail miserably as Arabs and Iranians are sick and tired of the United States meddling in their affairs. As William Blum notes, there is really only one way to stop terrorism, or rather the struggle against the United States in the Middle East:

If I were the president, I could stop terrorist attacks against the United States in a few days. Permanently. I would first apologize to all the widows and orphans, the tortured and impoverished, and all the many millions of other victims of American imperialism. Then I would announce, in all sincerity, to every corner of the world, that America’s global interventions have come to an end, and inform Israel that it is no longer the 51st state of the USA but now—oddly enough—a foreign country. I would then reduce the military budget by at least 90% and use the savings to pay reparations to the victims. There would be more than enough money. One year’s military budget of 330 billion dollars is equal to more than $18,000 an hour for every hour since Jesus Christ was born. That’s what I’d do on my first three days in the White House. On the fourth day, I’d be assassinated.

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