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Thu, Dec 16th, 2004 07:28:50 AM
Topic: A Charlatan at Work

The charlatan in question is none other than jim, aka jimbo, allen who is trying to peddle this reproduction rug on Ebay.

His Ebay sellers name is a-bey and RK.com encourages readers who are interested in the machinations of this seller to check out his current listings as well as his completed auctions. Both categories contain other equally questionable material.

Here’s the photo of jimbo’s rug

Calling this “museum quality” and quoting a number of other alleged “similar” rugs and their high selling prices, this carpet-bagger from Chattanooga, Tenn. has been bagging naïve Ebayer’s for years. He has been no stranger to sometimes making his buyers regret bidding on his items but mostly gets away with it since most buyers are not knowledgeable and end up believing or convincing themselves they got a “deal”.

Here is a close-up detail of the weave from the back

Should any of you think this is what the weave of a mid-19th century rug of this ilk should look like, RK.com suggest you do not open your checkbook until you’ve done more due diligence.

Rk.com is tired of hocus-pocus peddlers, like jimbo (and believe us there are many others but at least most of them are clever enough to do it in private and not in public on Ebay), telling folks an exactly similar rug to theirs sold in sotheby or at a some famous major dealer’s showroom for $10,000 or more. His ploy in this case actually mentions a $15,000 piece sold at Battilossi in Italy, and 10 years ago at that, but you can buy it here from jimbo now on Ebay for much less.

Doesn’t reason tell these mokes if that were, in fact, the case ole jimbo could just go sell it to Battilossi?

Perhaps the most comical aspect of jimbo’s listing is the following and we quote him :
“I thought this was a truly special rug so I corresponded with who I believe to be Americas (sic) premiere authority on the subject. He wants no notoriety so the name is left off.”

This was then followed by a list of “similar” rugs and the prices they brought at major auction houses and in dealer exhibition catalogs this authority put together for jimbo.

The supposed authority then goes on to state jimbo’s rug is prototypical. Prototypical of what, RK.com would like to know? A series of other repros?

We would welcome this authority or jimbo himself to try and prove their patently bogus statements here or in any other forum, online or not, of their choice.

For now all we can say is jimbo, once again, deserves to be called out for his continued transgressions and to realize RK.com is not afraid to stand by our position should he or anyone else contest it.

Author: jc
Thu, Dec 16th, 2004 07:28:50 AM

RK.com has been contacted by someone who claims to have received an email from jimbo identifying the "expert" who declared this, obviously reproduction, as a "prototype".

Supposedly that "expert" is none other than ralph kaffel.

His name should be familiar to our readers, as we have mentioned mr. kaffel and his fumblings around in the rug world here several times in the past.

It seems kaffel's love of cutting out photos from rug books or auction catalogs and then making long lists of the prices they bring at auction has done nothing to help him discern genuine 19th century, as well as earlier ones, from those made as copies or blatant forgeries by the numerous workshops in Iran and Turkey where such goods are being produced.

Sorry, ralph, but it takes more than a scissors and a database program to make an "expert".

As for jimbo and his rug? We have heard it didn't sell.

Author: fishface
Wed, Dec 15th, 2004 07:54:40 PM

Whattsamatter Jack, cat got your tongue????????

Author: Phoenix
Tue, Dec 14th, 2004 07:43:27 PM

Jack you are the biggest fucking hypocrite. You're dead right about this seller and everything you say, but in your own column here you refuse to address someone else's question regarding another seller who is doing exactly the same thing. I'm referring to imokub2 who as you know is Michael Phillips. I guess he must be on your good side, or more likely he sells things to you. Call a spade a spade or get off your soapbox. For someone who talks the talk, you don't really seem to walk the walk.

Author: jc
Mon, Dec 13th, 2004 09:06:55 PM

Here is a side-by- side comparison of the bogus jimbo rug and the Battilossi piece:

Being able to discern the differences between them, whether in photo or in the flesh requires expert knowledge - something ole jimbo definitely lacks.

Catalogs and books fill the shelves of weavers in Iran and Turkey. They provide "inspiration" for these folks and this example is plain proof. It's a whole lot easier to copy a rug then to think one up !

So does this over-stuffed, full of himself Ebay clown harbor suspicions his pieces are repros? Does he actually know?

RK.com could care less about his motives. We publish this here, as we have in the past both with jimbo and other dealers, to alert our readership to the fact these "pieces" are being passed off as right and real.

They appear in dealer’s offerings as well as auctions both in the US and in Europe.

Caveat emptor or better yet get real expert help in your buying, that is if you can find it....

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