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Thu, Dec 16th, 2004 12:34:13 PM
Topic: 17th Century Kelims? RK Says BS

During our weekly check of several other rug sites on the Internet we noticed the hali review of ”Symbol and Colour”, Werner Brändl of Galerie Kelim’s current exhibition.

According to what they wrote, which presumably came directly from Brandl “The exhibition, which began on 4 November 2004, contains a broad range of kilims from 17th to 19th centuries, including a rare Baluch kilim from the 19th century, woven by the Timuri in the region of Khorasan.”

Hold on a minute here, RK senses something is wrong with this 'colourful' picture. Do you?

A “rare Baluch kilim from the 19th century, woven by the Timuri in the region of Khorasan.”? In our eyes Kelims from the 17th century would truly be rare and worth mentioning but not a Kelim made by t he Timuri in the later part of the 19th.

Accompanying the hali blurb are four photos of pieces Brandl is offering and why, we ask, is there no picture of this supposed “rare” Belouch kelim? And, of course, where are these alleged 17th century Kelims photos? RK.com thinks they’d really be news.

The practise of overdating in the rug world is epidemic and it’s deplorable. We are not surprised the clowns at hali allow, support and further stupid and baseless claims, like Brandl’s nonsensical claim of having 17th century Kelims for sale.

As far as we are concerned Brandl claims is completely spurious and both he and hali are full of crap.

We dare them to publish one or more of these Kelims and will take pleasure of demonstrating how foolish and baseless their dating actually is.

We also believe it is about time other knowledgeable rug connoisseurs join us or speak up on their own to demand a curtailment to this growing problem and insist on a far higher level of accountability for merchants, auction houses and, yes, even rug-rags like hali.

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