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Sat, Dec 25th, 2004 02:09:16 PM
Topic: Sorry Clown, Stupid Ain't Funny

This morning when checking the mail RK.com noticed an email from a reader who mentioned something so unbelievable we had to go and see it for ourselves. Here is the photo of a machine-made rug, that is so obviously mechanically produced, one would have to be almost blind to mistake for anything else:

We almost didn’t believe our tipster who reported steev price called it Indian and then Persian. When we looked and saw he had, we almost spilled our Xmas morning hot toddy.

We quote price=clown:
“I would have guessed that the rug was made in a workshop in India, but the label says made in Spain, so that's probably where it was woven. The "Madras" designation on the label suggests that the manufacturer intended for it to look like it was from India.
The design has overtones of the so-called "American Sarouk" that was exported to the US from Iran in huge numbers prior to World War II.
One extremely odd feature, if I'm seeing it right, is that the long axis appears to be the direction of the wefts, not the warps.”

Professor clown has made enough errant, dumb and foolish statements to lead everyone, other than his toddies, into believing his rug knowledge is challenged at best. But, as we incredulously read what he wrote, it proved this rug-nutter doesn’t even know the most basic identification -- how to differentiate between hand-tied and machine-knotted.

And to make matters even worse, price=clown writes:
“One extremely odd feature, if I'm seeing it right, is that the long axis appears to be the direction of the wefts, not the warps.”

Sorry clown but that very characteristic identifies it as machine made, you dope.

Since it’s Christmas, steev, why don’t you give the rug world a present – get off the net and quit making yourself a public laughingstock.

We’ve been telling you this for years, how much more proof do you need? You supposedly are a scientist, right? The facts have proven, and scientists work with facts, right steev, you know next to nothing about old rugs. So quit exposing yourself to ridicule by mouthing off about them in public or by pretending to be capable enough to be a moderator. You’re not, and you’re not even close.

So enjoy that new rugbook you undoubtedly received this Christmas but instead of just looking at all the pretty pics try reading the text. You might actually learn something…., though we seriously doubt you even could regardless of how hard you might try.

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