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email: jc@rugkazbah.com
Sun, Jan 9th, 2005 05:03:02 PM
Topic: Gold Standard of Stupidity

Here is perhaps the dumbest and most obtuse statement anyone who ever collected older rugs has ever uttered in print:

“If it (the Pazaryk rug) had been found by a picker and showed up in a dealer's inventory, it would probably be attributed to the early or mid-19th century and there would be general agreement that it was made in some particular village or by some particular tribal people (if it attracted widespread attention for one reason or another). That is, without knowing the provenance, most experts would err by a few millennia in dating it.”

Our naming the author is quite unnecessary as there is only one possible clown who could harbor such an idea and then be so ignorant to publicize it.

Between numbskulls like him and situations like the dodds/LACMA fiasco, it is no wonder appreciation for historic Oriental Rugs is at the bottom of the art ladder.

Can’t the rank and file of collectors, dealers and other interested parties realize their continued silence and unwillingness to become involved shows their apparent acceptance of such objectionable and illaudable efforts?

It’s been high time for a change. How much more nonsense, culpability, stupidity and malfeasance will it take to make you all get off your butts and start calling the shots as they are and not like hali, icoc, acor and the myriad of luminary rug “names” would want you to see them?

Are you all too lazy or afraid to say something when faced with a statement in print, like the one about the Pazaryk, or when hearing about LACMA buying a late period reproduction ETV rug from the chairman of the icoc, dennis dodds?

Come on folk, wake up and smell the garbage…truly it stinks.

Author: jc
Sun, Jan 9th, 2005 05:03:02 PM

Not content with making a huge fool of himself once this week, professor clown has done it again.

RK knows better than to be astounded by his ignorance and posts this here for laughs, as steev price is so far below RK we can hardly hear him when he bleats:
"In another thread I mentioned a rant going on about the dating of a Turkish village rug recently purchased by a major museum."
The clown's understanding of the situation or the carpet is extremely limited, he doesn't even know the museum did not purchase it. It was purchased with outside funds that have virtually nothing to do with the museum. Soon RK will detail just how this went down.

"The seller, very well known and considered highly knowledgable, represented it as 17th century."
True, true, dodds is well known, especially for extreme over-dating and charging prices that are equally over-estimated and unrealistic. And while price=clown and other novices might consider him highly knowledgeable Rk and numerous other experienced folks don't. By the way price=clown can’t spell the word knowledgeable.

"Two other well known figures, with academic credentials in related areas, confirmed this opinion."
Again the rug idiot can't get the facts straight, let alone come up with meaningful analysis of them. There were three vetters and yes, they have credentials but, since they all agreed with dodds's circa 1600 dating, maybe they should stick to their related fields instead of trying to play rug experts?

"Their antagonist generated a list of characteristics that he claims are universal in Turkish village rugs of that age, that are absent from this rug."
The list of obvious errors and mistakes RK.com published are just a few of the signs dodds's rug is the dud we have called it. Too bad professor clown's overly pedantic mini-mind-set can't understand their significance.

"If these really were universal in 17th century Turkish village rugs, his argument would be powerful. But he cites no evidence that his claim is true."
If price=clown knew anything about Early Turkish Village weavings he would know how powerful these and others that could be cited actually are.

"An even bigger problem is that there are very few Turkish village rugs that can be proven to be of such age, so a sample size large enough to be significant doesn't even exist."
While this might sound good to a midget brain like price anyone who has intensively studied them knows there are numerous pieces that when compared with dodds's dud prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what a late copy it is.

"Bottom line: the rug's actual age is a matter of opinion, not a matter of fact."
Here we are in agreement but anyone who is even conversant, let alone knowledgeable, with Early Turkish Village pile weavings would hold the opinion dodds's rug is what we say it is - a late copy that doesn't belong in a museum of the stature of LACMA.

Yes, we know citing the idiotic and worthless comments of a rug poser like steev price only makes him more important. However, in the rug world there are many others who share his stupid viewpoints and limited vision. Our dissecting steev's dumb take on a subject like this also sends a message to the legions of these other rug posers who, like him, believe the academic degrees and rug world kudos folks like dodds, denny, thompson, mackie, et. al. have been accorded proves them to be infallible.

In fact it doesn’t. And it's truly sad LACMA was dazzled by the three stooges and their supposed reputations. But had the gluckman done proper due diligence, the facts of the dodds's story (some of which are already known to our readers and more will be forthcoming) would have been enough, even for an inexperienced curator like her, to demonstrate purchasing this rug would only be an error and, in the end, a major embarrassment.

Need we say more to a clown like price, the myriad of other dis-believers he represents and ms gluckman?

Author: jc
Wed, Jan 5th, 2005 04:18:20 PM


Since the website where the imbecilic Pazaryk quote is nothing more than a chat-board, RK.com is flabbergasted none of the other mini-minds who frequently post there, or the silent majority of readers (how ever large or small that might actually be) who bother to read the drek of run of the mill dopey opinions and cock-eyed takes on old rugs that appears there, has questioned it.

Are rug collectors so afraid of expressing themselves when they see an obvious boner like the Pazaryk quote? Or are they so ignorant and under-educated to believe it?

Either way it says little for the rug community or offers any hope of making Oriental Carpets anything other than the joke-butt of the art market.

Granted an incident like this one pales in comparison to the LACMA/dodds disaster but as my great-grandma, bless her heart, always told me: "If you don't take care of the little things, you will never be able to deal with the big ones."

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