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Author:posted by jc
Tue, Jan 4th, 2005 08:40:18 PM
Topic: Mistake or Part of the Plan

(ed. note: This excerpt is from a blog written by an Iraqi who lives in Baghdad and was comenting on the farsical situation surrounding the coming Iraqi election.)

"Yet another issue is the fact that on all the voting cards, the gender of the voter, regardless of sex, is labeled "male". Now, call me insane, but I found this slightly disturbing. Why was that done? Was it some sort of a mistake? Why is the sex on the card anyway? What difference does it make? There are some theories about this. Some are saying that many of the more religiously inclined families won't want their womenfolk voting so it might be permissible for the head of the family to take the women's ID and her ballot and do the voting for her. Another theory is that this 'mistake' will make things easier for people making fake IDs to vote in place of females."

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