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Mon, Jan 10th, 2005 01:24:38 PM
Topic: A Dealer's Collection, re: dodds/LACMA

RK is growing tired of receiving emails questioning our motives, statements and ongoing interest in sale of dodds's dud rug to LACMA.

To answer them, in addition to what we have already published, we offer the following:
Many long years ago a old-timer rug repairer from London told me:
"A dealer's collection is nothing but the rugs he can't sell."

Seems he also must have mentioned this to dodds, since dodds supposedly told gluckman the rug was from his private collection when, in fact, it wasn't. That is unless you subscribe to the old-timers adage.

Obviously we don't and are sure our readers, minus mr dodds and ms gluckman, don't either.

We have also heard gluckman supposedly used this statement to fend off comments from others in her department, and in the museum, as to why, if the rug was so good, dodds still owned it and no one had already stepped to the plate to buy it.

We have no doubt and, dear readers, you shouldn't either that is true because in dodds's audacious web-announcement of the sale he stated:
"We are pleased to announce that this exemplary early Turkish carpet has been purchased from the Dennis and Zinaida Dodds Collection by a major museum in the United States."

The alleged statement he made to gluckman, and announcement that is far from alleged, are both blatantly false, as the rug was offered for sale numerous times and for different prices each time.

As is normally the case in the rug biz, each time the piece was offered the price was lowered. But unfortunately for the group from LA, they paid the highest price, RK has yet heard, that dodds ever quoted.

We guess dodds finally adopted another rug biz saying to move his re-entrant dud of a rug:
"If it doesn't sell, raise the price."

Seems that worked like a charm, LACMA got bamboozled and dodds had a big payday.
Speaking of that payday, here is another piece of the pie:
In our initial efforts to find out more about the sale of this rug to LACMA we heard from someone who claimed to have been told by dodds soon after he made the sale:
"Iíve just done such a great deal that Iím going to take a year off.Ē

RK.com is truly sorry for ruining mr doddsís unjustified well-paid vacation playtime but we believe it is better to do that than to allow LACMA to play the Emperorís New Clothes with a rug that is nothing close to what they think it is.

And after all, since their representative really didnít know what to think, can we blame her for accepting what dodds told ther hook, line and sinker. Or now heap blame on ms gluckman for not believing what RK has said?

We are quite sure soon she, and others in higher positions at LACMA, will figure out our's is the correct one. So to mr dodds, let us say: Better start saving your pennies so you can return the money to LACMA when taking the rug back to the collection where it belongs - yours and Ziniada's.

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