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Tue, Jan 18th, 2005 07:04:01 PM
Topic: Label, Label Who's Got LACMA rug's Label?

Here is the official original wording, according to the museum, of the 'wall label' LACMA generated for dodds’s dud of a rug’s exhibition in the Costume and Textiles Department’s currently running exhibition:
"Turkey, Anatolia, Konya region"
"Double-Niche Carpet"
"16th century"

"Exhibition Wall Label from ”Luxury Textiles, East and West”
"In sixteenth-century Europe, carpets from Turkey were luxury imports. Rarely placed on the floor, however, these richly patterned textiles were draped over tables, beds, or chests to proclaim the wealth and status of their owners. The natural dyes in this carpet are barely faded, providing a rare opportunity to experience their original vibrancy. The clear shapes and clean lines of the carpet’s design give it an unusually strong architectural quality."
"Knotted wool pile on wool foundation" "
98 1/2 x 64 1/2 in. (250.19 x 163.83 cm)" "

Seems either the date got lost before it hit the printer OR someone decided to re-write the label and what appears there now is the result of that decision.

This discrepancy is just one more indication there is a lot more here than meets the eye on first glance.

Fear not, intrepid readers, RK.com is here and will not rest until there is:
1. full disclosure from all concerned
2. LACMA recognizes their new rug is a dud
3. the fallacious and absurd idea this rug is circa 1600 is clearly understood by all parties
4. the rug goes back to dodds and the money paid for it gets returned

We are receiving new information daily and will post it here when after it is confirmed as fact.

Know ye all: RK.com carefully checks and rechecks everything before publication, unlike the many lazy, gullible rug writers/magazines/websites that accept what they hear on the street as fact/truth without any substantive proof or investigation on their part.

Author: jc
Tue, Jan 18th, 2005 07:04:01 PM

We now hear the label next to the rug has again been changed back to the original wording. It has been moved from a wall tag to a small easel standing in front of the rug.

Too bad changing this pumkin into a chariot is not as easy and changing the totally over-optimistic and exaggerated claims dodds concocted and LACMA believes.

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