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Tue, Jan 18th, 2005 04:15:39 PM
Topic: Smoking Gun re: LACMA Rug Part I

Is the LACMA/dodds rug really a "dud" as it has been characterized here ?
Is all the fuss RK has stirred up about it justified?

We say compared to the best of its type it is. And that's what's at the bottom of this whole brouhaha - To what standard should dodds's rug be accountable.

RK.com believes museum quality is a recognizable term, with clear meaning. While it does have degrees of validity, it is not just something that can be called "sales patter". And, of course, circa 1600 means just that - circa 1700 or circa 1800 is not the same in any reality RK.com subscribes to or recognizes. However in “sales patter” these terms are frequently thrown around without any reasonable grounds or evidence. From all the information available it seems dodds did just that – threw them around his his “sales patter” pitch to convince gluckman to buy his rug.

On these bases alone our public and private objections are more than warranted. Considering there are others, we feel totally confident anyone who has all the facts, and not just dodds’s hollow sales pitch in their ear, would feel likewise.

We know our stance is politically incorrect but to champion, or even condone, mediocrity and falsehood is far worse.

Then, of course there is the truth about the history of dodds's self-proclaimed "masterpiece" that he claimed has been never for sale and was in his private collection. Allegedly he acquired it "in Turkey" 25 years ago, or so the story the story goes according to gluckman’s account of what dodds told her.

Most of these facts of the matter are well-known to our readers to be quite different than dodds’s expression of them and now RK.com will expose its real ‘history’:
in 1981 it appeared in a Bausback catalog on page 11:

In the catalog Bausback called it “Ushak 17th Jahrhundert Westanatolien” (17th century from West Anatolia) and published a long caption in German describing it.

RK.com has had this translated and in Part II of this post, which will be online in a hour or so, we will provide that and more for our dear readership's edification and enjoyment.

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