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Author:written by K. Ninno posted by jc
Tue, Jan 18th, 2005 06:55:20 PM
Topic: Nimmo Answers the Penatgon's Reply to Hersh

As usual, and right on schedule, “Pentagon officials on Monday lashed out at a US magazine report which claimed they were preparing for possible strikes on Iran by carrying out secret reconnaissance missions inside the country, saying the article contained ‘fantastic claims’ about programs that do not exist,” reports the Financial Times .

“Lawrence DiRita, the Pentagon’s chief spokesman, said in a statement on Monday that many of the facts upon which the story is based are inaccurate. Neither he nor Dan Bartlett, the White House spokesman, commented directly on the commando operations claim, however. … ‘Mr. Hirsch’s sources feed him with rumor, innuendo, and assertions about meetings that never happened, programs that do not exist, and statements by officials that were never made,’ Mr. DiRita said.”

Sort of like the “rumor, innuendo, and assertions” made by Bush about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction and the alliance between Saddam and Osama?

If we know anything with certainty, it is that Bush and the Strausscons are liars—something that is not an “innuendo” but rather a well-documented fact. Considering this, anything the Bushcons say—literally, anything —should be considered a lie or at least something this side of truth, that is without a donnybrook of supporting evidence.

Moreover, we know—or some of us do, those who pay attention, examine history, and use deductive reasoning—that the sort of behavior mentioned by Hersh (termed a “terrorist” by the Strausscon Richard Perle for telling the truth) is precisely the sort of thing the United States government has done for decades under a long line of presidents and administrations: in Greece, Italy, Iran, Guatemala, North Vietnam, Hungary, Laos, Haiti, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Zaire, Brazil, Indonesia, Bolivia, Uruguay, Cambodia, Chile, Australia, Angola, Afghanistan, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Iraq, and elsewhere (see Steve Kangas’ A Timeline of CIA Atrocities ). Lawrence DiRita and Dan Bartlett are able to say otherwise, without challenge (at least they are not challenged by the corporate media) because most Americans are walking around in a perpetual fog of omission, propaganda, and lies. On the other hand, most of them simply don’t care.

“It is rare for the Pentagon to issue such a long and detailed response to a single news account,” notes the Financial Times. “It is also rare that defense officials single out a specific journalist for such vitriol. In one part of his statement, Mr. DiRita appears to accuse Mr. Hersh of anti-Semitism. Mr. Hersh reported that Douglas Feith, the number three civilian at the Pentagon, has worked with Israeli military planners to find targets in Iran, a claim the Pentagon said built on ‘the soft bigotry of some conspiracy theorists’. Mr. Feith is Jewish. The Pentagon said not such contacts exist.”

Or maybe Hersh is a self-hating Jew, a common insult used against Jews who either oppose Zionism or are critical of the Strausscons. “Along with Feith, all of the political appointees [at the Pentagon] have in common a close identification with the views of the right-wing Likud Party in Israel,” writes Jim Lobe , obviously another anti-Semite. Karen Kwiatkowski , a retired USAF lieutenant colonel who had the misfortune of working in close proximity to the Pentagon Strausscons, wrote earlier this year about “high clearances granted to publicly and at times, rabidly, pro-Likud past and present political appointees with names like Douglas Feith and Richard Perle, and a host of younger Likudniks who march through the halls of the five-sided asylum to a composition unfamiliar to most Americans.” I suppose she is a closet admirer of Hitler as well, or would likely be considered such by DiRita and Bartlett.

Of course, all of this is nonsense. It is a well-documented fact the Strausscons run U.S. foreign policy, especially in regard to the Middle East, and “appointees” such as Feith are rabid Likudites, on occasion even more Likudite than the Likudites in Israel, if such is possible. “Feith, whose law partner is a spokesman for the settlement movement in Israel, has long been a fierce opponent of the Oslo peace process, while WINEP [the Washington Institute for Near East Policy] has acted as the think tank for the most powerful pro-Israel lobby in Washington, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which generally follows a Likud line,” explains Right Web . In other words, Feith’s business partner supports stealing Palestinian land and the wanton murder of Palestinians by crazed and homicidal settlers who are generally allowed to run free after running over Palestinian kids or shooting them on the way home from school.

Since the Bushcon DiRita characterizes Hersh’s claims as “specious,” we can pretty assume the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist is spot on. Remember, in Bushzarro world, up is down, right is wrong, black is white, and denials made by Likudites in control U.S. foreign policy and a large swath of the Pentagon—to say nothing of Congress—may be taken as affirmation.

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