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Wed, Jan 19th, 2005 06:09:31 PM
Topic: textile museum's New Board Member Part I

Speaking of the textile museum, RK.com also learned windel swann was elected to the board of the museum.

Honestly, Rk.com had to suppress our laughter when we were informed of this. Swindle, as he is often referred to in rug circles outside of the hajji baba/textile museum fraternities, is, in our opinion, nothing more than a pedantic, pompous rug know-little. He has hung around the rug world for years waiting to be appointed to positions in the rug-hierarchy that is composed of functionaries and 'swells', who collect old rugs for social, investment and bragging rights. Surely not for the art or history they can, at rare times, represent.

Rk.com has often heard windle, aka swindle, swann is very active selling and buying rugs to/from folks he makes acquaintance during his icoc/textile museum functions.

From the various stories we have heard over the years, windle is quite a salesman - his 'sales-patter' on the level of that master patterer dennis dodds, himself. We have even heard windle's even better at it than dodds but we must say this is all hearsay to us, as we surely don't move in the same circles as either of those two bounders.

We prefer to fraternize with rug lovers not rug posers.

So it looks from our vantage point, with windle and walker now in position, the textile museum will surely not surprise anyone with its future efforts.

PS: RK.com wonders out loud if real appreciation for historic Oriental Rugs will even survive at all on K street in D.C.

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