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Fri, Jan 21st, 2005 12:10:13 PM
Topic: Jan. 19 Re:The Source of the LACMA/dodds rug

We have received several comments about our exposing this rug's 1981 appearance in a Firm Bausback selling Exhibition catalog and, honestly, are surprised at the position they try to advance – that we “…accept it and learn to live with it”.

RK.com well recognizes that only salient fact is the rug's quality and, naturally, where it was before dodds or after him matters little.

However, when a naive and totally gullible buyer, or buyers 'agent' like dale gluckman, falls hook, line and sinker for a pile of bogus sales patter then yes, these facts do matter.

From all appearances dodds stretched the pizza dough so thin the toppings remained stuck to the oven.

Everything we have had told to us about dodds's representations are ludicrous, absolutely inaccurate and believable only by those who say they see the emperor's new clothes (or are just afraid to admit it and chance his majesties wrath).

One thing is sure, Rk.com will not be bought off nor will we drop the subject until LACMA realizes this isn't going to go away. Nor will we allow their putting the rug in moth-balls and hiding it away in a drawer in the sub-basement to pass for recognition of the fact this rug is circa 1800, a miserable excuse for a re-entrant rug and a boring two dimensional copy. It is not art or history. It’s just a bunch of fluffy woolen knots any art sensitive person wouldn’t give a second glance to. Period

Author: remeli Fri, Jan 21st, 2005 12:10:13 PM

Kudos to Rk.com and their efforts vis-a-vis the Dodds debacle. One need only look at similar (albeit real)16th century re-entrant pieces from the Berlin and Vakiflar museums to see that something just isn't right about the Dodds piece. Given Mr. Dodds' penchant for overdating his pieces (one need look no farther than his inventory on cloudband and the wildly optimistic dates ascribed to many of the pieces), I find the present circumstance unsurprising, and unfortunately par for the course. I firmly support Mr. Cassin's attempt to bring to light the truth regarding this transaction and applaud it.

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