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Tue, Jan 25th, 2005 12:20:53 AM
Topic: When's A star not a Star? Part I

At the end of last year a star kazak showed up in a north European sale and, star kazaks being one of the plums of any carpet collector’s dreams, naturally it caused a bit of a stir.

The estimate was ridiculously low and on sale day optimistic local buyers had their hopes smashed by some big names from the international rug trade.

News of such a piece on the market always travels like wildfire but now with the internet it goes at warp speed.

The bidding opened and quickly rose to the final selling price of about $60,000.

The buyer was an Italian dealer from northern Italy, who in our opinion talks a better buying game in private than he plays. But in the glow of the auction room his talking and playing is far more convincing, as raising a paddle and writing a check requires far less than a face-to-face encounter entails.

Regardless of his tiger stance in the ‘room’ vs. his scaredey-cat posture in face-to-face cold blood buying, he won the prize. But is this star really a Star?

Here is the photo and until tomorrow and Part II goes online we will let you dear readers decide the matter for yourselves.

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