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Sun, Jan 30th, 2005 11:52:16 AM
Topic: Threads of Collusion re: dodds/LACMA

Here's one more tid-bit to chew on concerning the LACMA/dodds debacle.

The three person's chosen to vet dodds's rug for LACMA - lousie mackie, jonny thompson and walter denny(known collectively as the three stooges here on RK.com) - all are members of the icoc international organizing committee.

Such a coincidence is not very unusual as the rug world is quite small. However, since dennis dodds is the secretary-general, chairman, leader and figure-head of this group a connection like this could imply collusion at the most or at least some undue influence by dodds on them to some observers.

RK must admit we are in that group,

Author: jc
Sun, Jan 30th, 2005 11:52:16 AM

Speaking of connections, let's remember louise mackie and john-on-the-spot-thompson did the "Turkmen" catalog for the textile museum exhibition in 1980 together.

Seems the apple didn't fall far from the tree, as that catalog has thompson introducing his infamously spurious Imreli identification. What did mackie do about that? Nothing, other than agree and then shake her head in unison with the lame excuse thompson quickly offered.

RK opines the dribbling pudding from that mess has already had enough time to dry on both of their chins by now. Guess they both must enjoy that warm sticky feeling, because here they are again pudding-pusses thanks to the LACMA/doddsís dud debacle.

Donít forget thompson tried to laugh off his Imreli error as being only a joke. Is this the same explanation mackie and thomspson will again try to float?

In RKís view that messy episode at the textile museum should have been sufficient to sink thompsonís then burgeoning career as a rug scholar. After all what other art field accepts a researcher who would attempt to cover up a gross error like by offering such a puerile alibi?

Clearly the rug world is so bereft of any self-awareness or governing powers that a stooge like thompson can keep making horrendous errors and still receive accolades. Yessshhhh, come on people wake up here.

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