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Tue, Feb 1st, 2005 11:11:47 PM
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It is almost impossible to ignore the abysmal lack of personal interest and responsibility the vast majority of my fellow Americans accept for the barbaric and inhumane actions our government is perpetrating. Under the guise of promoting peace and liberty horrendous acts of unspeakable horror have been meted out all over this planet.

What is happening now, save for the losses of American lives and those of innocent people caught in the line of fire, makes the Vietnam War look almost benign in comparison.

It is now more than 3 years since Sept 11 and despite all the political posturing and carnage America is less, not more, safe. And, considering the myriad of questions surrounding the events of 9/11 - like who really planned and carried them out - it is amazing the public at large has acquiesced and accepted what is clearly unacceptable.

It took a number of years for my countrymen and women to wake up to the dastardly situation America caused in South-East Asia. But eventually they did and in 1972 the Vietnam War was declared over.

Others, like myself, knew long before and our protests laid the seeds that, thank God, grew into a forest so thick even the most ardent 'hawks' could not continue to fly through.

The parallels between today's conflict and that one are many, including the vilification of those who do not follow or agree with what the United States of America says is 'right'.

I am extremely proud to have taken part in both the Civil Rights (in 1964) and Vietnam War (in 1965) protest movements. Proud both of myself for standing up to the powers that be when they were wrong and, even more so, for having a taken part - however small as just an individual - in those movements, which undoubtedly were most responsible for righting those wrongs.

Real protest movements begin first within individuals, when they recognize they cannot, and will not, remain quiet any longer.

These avatars risk much. But risk it they must for not to is a far greater risk.

In 1965 a small number of us knew silence was consent and consent was impossible. So we spoke up and acted out and the rest, as they say is history.

The outrageous provisions of the two Patriot Acts and innumerable other executive, legislative and judicial initiatives have assaulted the foundations of American Democracy. Combine them with the now all too apparent Empire building, ignominiously dubbed the new American Century, we all - whether or not we like it or even realize it - are facing the unimaginable - losing not only our freedom and our lives but also our souls.

Silence is once again Consent.

It's time to wake up, and realize we cannot kill for peace. And that is just what Amerika has embarked upon.

From now on the writings of other dissenters and real patriots, which formerly appeared in JC's Corner, will now be posted in this new Topic Area in the small hope they might kindle a few sparks.

We must all realize We The People Are The United States of America and the government is to SERVE US and not be SERVED BY US.

Look deeply inside yourself, your conscience, and open your eyes. For if you don't you might find them forever shuttered and yourself in the cold darkness countless unfortunate Iraqis, and many others all over God's formerly Green Pastures, have now been forced to call home.

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