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Wed, Feb 2nd, 2005 06:34:00 AM
Topic: Cover-Up or Admit the Truth? re:LACMA

LACMA is involved in the classic bind - admit the truth and look bad for a while or try to cover it up and chance looking bad forever.

Let us give the museum a valuable piece of advice - the truth is always the best policy.

In this instance we'd suggest LACMA quit trying to cover this up as it is patently obvious support for the sales-patter dodds used to sell his dud of a rug, and the museum bought hook line and sinker, is now, thanks to denny's admission (and mackie and thompson's soon to be issued ones) fading fast.

In fact, since it is now public knowledge dale gluckman is "retiring", the museum has the perfect scape-goat (remember she is the one who championed the rug's purchase and her department is credited for it) to save its face.

As for dodds, RK can't possibly see him refusing to take his rug back if the museum insists. Unless, of course, he wants to renounce his position as chairman of icoc, as well as the other high profile guises he has in rugdom, and start peddling some other trinkets besides oriental rugs.

After all selling a rug as a 16th century masterpiece and having it declared a late period reproduction that is possibly 18th century bodes rather poorly for his expertise or honor. Well that is at least in RK's, and many other's we know, estimation.

There is no doubt gluckman goofed and dodds took advantage of her naivety and either lucked out with the three stooges or had some undo influence there.

But all that is moot now the whole affair is unraveling like a cheap sweater - denny's admission of a possible 18th century dating for the rug a big step in that direction (and RK's refusal to just go away and forget about it an even larger one). Those facts considered, it is clear LACMA's chance for a successful cover-up is in serious jeopardy.

So RK suggest LACMA blame it all on the retiring curator, dale gluckman, and quietly but firmly pressure dodds to take the rug back and refund the sales price.

RK is sure this tactic will work and the situation will quickly right itself.

In the end, this will work out far better than continuing to stone-wall the truth and then hide the rug away in Siberian storage.

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