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email: jc@rugkazbah.com
Sun, Feb 13th, 2005 11:29:30 AM
Topic: Internet Idiot, steev price=clown

RK is sure when we write a title like "Internet Idiot" most of our readers know we are referring to steev price.

Here is the latest installment from the internet idiot concerning the LACMA/dodds debacle. We are posting this only because it, once again, presents a perfect example showing the lack of intelligence or understanding most of the people involved in rugdom are able to ante up when they talk or even think about rugs:

"There are others who have appointed themselves to be the Internet Rug Police, one of whom is currently insisting that a rug that was represented as probably dating to around 1700 is really at least 100 years younger. He has accused the seller of fraud, and unless he can prove the unprovable(sic) - that he is right - he is at substantial risk if the seller decides to pursue the matter in court. In the USA, if you accuse somebody of criminal behavior, especially if that accusation impairs his pursuit of his livelihood, you'd better be able to prove it unless you're willing to bet that the guy you accused will just ignore you."

RK is surely not the internet police but were we price=clown and his band of rug idiots would have been banished from rugdom long ago!

The sever lack of intellect professor price=clown operates on is apparent whenever he opens his mouth - it is truly pathetic he cannot even get the facts straight.

The LACMA/dodds rug was originally presented as being 16th century. It was then revised and is now still called circa 1600.

RK has categorically stated (and supported our claim with extremely viable commentary) it is at best late 18th or circa 1800 and, actually, nothing more than a late period reproduction.

Seems the internet idiot, steev price, now is says it was represented as "around 1700" which is not factual.

No-one, besides professor clown, has yet to make such a revision and why steev did is just another imponderable that slipped from his flabby mind into print.

As for the idiot professor implying RK's statements about dodds errors show criminal behaviour, we can only state if dodds or anyone else feels so inclined we are prepared to defend our right to comment on such matters in the way we have in the past and as we will continue to do so in the future.

The moron professor and his group of rug-know-littles typify the serious problems inherent in rugdom. Their inability to see truth, even when it is carefully spelled out for them, is, believe it or not, even worse than their inability to figure it out for themselves.

Author: jc
Sun, Feb 13th, 2005 11:29:30 AM

Proving his moniker as the Internet Idiot of the rug world, steev price=clown's latest comment on the LACMA fiasco spurred us to remind him and his cohorts of what a moron he is.

Here's steev's latest attempt at getting both feet into his mouth simultaneously in discussing the dodds/LACMA debacle:
"I believe that there's little beyond guessing in most date attributions (although it is often educated guessing, educated guessing cannot be any better than the education on which it is based). Increasing general awareness of this is the central point I had in mind when I selected the topic for this mini-****. It's also the reason why I think the Internet Rug World's Jacque(sic) Clouseau is ridiculous when he insists that his guess of the age of a particular Turkish village rug is better than that of others (whose credentials completely eclipse his own)."

Well, if credentials were foolproof no fools would have credentials. Seems that would have precluded price=clown from getting his.

As far as commenting the three stooge's(mackie, thompson and denny) academic credentials eclipse RK's we'd have to agree. However, price=clown's conclusion that those credentials mean anything, especially since one of those academes(denny) has now recanted and publicly stated the LACMA rug is not 16th century but rather closer to 1750, is just another clownish bit of acting up.

So not only is price=clown, as usual, talking with his head up in that unmentionable place on his anatomy but, also, he is again trying to rewrite history to suit his own fractured fairy-tale sense of rugdom.

No doubt price=clown hates RK, after all we have lambasted him and his stupid comments for years. But to continue trying to discount RK's superior knowledge about historic carpets - which has again been proven by the objections we have posted about the LACMA brouhaha(that are now confirmed by denny's reversal) - makes price=clown into an even bigger jerk.

BTW RK doesn't need an academe like denny, or an ambitious rug posing social climber like thompson, or a mini-minded curator turned director like mackie, to know which way the wind blows. But its obvious to us price=clown, and the legions of others who march in lock-step with what "names" like those three stooges say, surely does. Sadly even when those "names" are wrong, as RK has proven with the dodds/LACMA dud, empty-headed sheeple, like price=clown and those legions we mention, still follow and believe.

This, and not their lack of ability to discern the truth for themselves, is what truly qualifies them to be called morons and fools, with professor clown in the lead as their poster-boy.

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