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Sat, Feb 12th, 2005 03:32:00 PM
Topic: textile museum's New Board Member Part II

Rkís comments about the appointment of the two new ďfacesĒ at Washington D.C.ís textile museum, dan walker and windle swann, appear to have annoyed some folks.

While we can understand their displeasure at having us pour boiling oil on their parade, we do feel the dissemination and factual nature of our observations were far more important than their pique at us for having made them.

Just the other day, and true to form, the comments made by windle swann about the carpet pictured below clearly demonstrate why windle shouldnít have a seat in the textile museumís menís room, let alone one on their Board of Directors.

After making a number of questionable statements about this piece - all of which are in our opinion obtuse, totally unimportant and unworthy of quoting - hereís what windle concludes about this highly unusual and most interesting example: ďNone of these observations prove the age of Gantzhornís #350 of course, but they should raise doubts that the rug is "well before" or "safely pre-" 1850.."

Windleís dating this rug, which is in the Detroit Institute of Arts and illustrated as #350 in Ganzhornís book, as post-1850 is truly dumb to say the least. But to do so based on the even dumber conclusions windleís rug mini-mind conceived proves in spades why he is horribly ill equipped to assume any position at the textile museum.

Well, that said, Rk does perhaps recognizes the hyperbole inherent in that statement. We would agree windle could assume a number of positions at the museum. For instance, he could work in the coat checkroom, help emptying the wastebaskets each evening or maybe even keep dan walkerís swivel chair well-oiled.

But having a rug-clown like windle on the board of directors? Puhleeze, the only thing his appointment does is make walkerís as their new director look positively brilliant in comparison.

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