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email: asmalyk@yahoo.com
Tue, Jun 21st, 2005 09:22:03 PM
Topic: Mysterious main carpet

Hi, It's already some time past the Pinner sale, but I just came across your evaluations of the various pieces that were up for auction. I am wondering about Lot 17, the Tekke/Yomud main carpet. You wrote "Without handling the piece Id offer a pretty positive Tekke attribution as Yomud is nowhere nearly as possible." I am just wondering why you think Tekke is more likely? All the design elements I can see are typically associated with Yomud, not with Tekke. What am I missing? Paul

Author: jc
Thu, Feb 17th, 2005 02:51:59 PM

Greeting Paul:

Here is a reposting of lot 17, the carpet you are interested in:

I can not add much to the previous thoughts on it published in Part III of RK's review of the pinner sale. However, let me explain the underlying reason for my opinion.

There is another carpet in an old European Collection that is somewhat similar and which the owner believes to be Tekke. Unfortunately we are not at liberty to post the photo for comparison but after having seen that piece and handled it we do agree with his assessment, i.e. a Tekke product.

Your question is a good one and we thank you for writing in and am sorry we can not offer anything more concrete to support the attribution.

We did not attend the pinner dispersal sale but arranged to have someone look at a few pieces and lot 17 was one. From what we were told the knot was asymmetric open right, in Tekke style, and there were several other tell-tale features also pointing to the Tekke attribution.

Again we are not at liberty to enumerate them, after all there are some trade-secrets RK zealously protects.

In closing we all have to realize the naming of tribal groups, like Tekke, Yomud, etc, as the producers of any extant pre-mid 19th century Turkmen rug is really nothing more than guesswork - there is not one shed of concrete evidence any Turkmen rug of age can be attributed to any known tribe, clan or group.

So with that in mind the only veritable statement one can make about one of these rugs is calling it Turkmen.

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