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Author:Steve Price
email: sprice@hsc.vcu.edu
Thu, Feb 17th, 2005 01:32:44 PM
Topic: Who's fooling who?

JC=Jacques Clouseau

Do you actually think that by pasting "Douglass Feinmann" over your nametag on Turk0tek, nobody will know who you are? Only a moron would think so; I'm sure you do.

Author: Steve Price
Thu, Feb 17th, 2005 01:32:44 PM

JC=Jacques Clouseau

I didn't need an IP address to recognize Douglass Feinmann as a pseudonym. Everyone except me recognized you, I thought it was someone else I know who enjoys this sort of thing. So, I was mistaken about that.

Cevat Kanig's English is imperfect, but it isn't his native language. You have no excuse for yours. Last year, my kid (6th grade at the time) was required to bring in examples of poor English for correction in his English class. Your writing on this (ugh!) website provided him all the material he needed. Tht's why I never tell people that RugCashBar.com is useless.


One can readily see the "love" you must have for your son by your frequent references to him as your "kid". In fact your son is not "your" kid as anyone who is not color blind can easily see.

We all know you’re a prick but obviously in name only.

Frankly no-one other than the few members of your inner circle-jerk is interested in what you have to say about anything. The constant excuses (just witness the one above), gaffs, malapropisms, idiotic opinions, and doubtful references you parade, as if they were anything other than that, have proven you many times over to be the internet idiot.

Why don't you just accept that fact, quit your efforts to squirm out of every instance you end up in where your fat posterior is hanging out of your pants, and just get lost?

You have never been able to debunk or disprove anything that has appeared on RK or WAMRI. Your use of innuendo and pointless retaliations (i.e. your son's grammar lessons) in trying to prove yourself as somebody who could possibly offer a real challenge is laughable.

You consistently prove a poor adversary, unfit for any type of competition and anytime you want to see how far below me you are just go slander me enough so we can drag your sorryful ass into a court room....we’d enjoy making mince-meat out of a meathead like you price.....go on and do it so i can put you, for once and for all, out of sight - n.b. you're always out of mind.

Author: jc
Thu, Feb 17th, 2005 11:13:45 AM

Clown: the only moron is you, comme d’habitude, and by allowing Doug to play in your sand-box you proved it in spades.

We have enough tech skill to hide our IP when we post on any website but didn't because it really doesn't matter to anyone other than you.

Again we made you look as you are, steev, a self-impressed bloated moron who could not hold his own in a debate with my 6 year old god-child.

Pathetic really and your trying to make it seem like you knew all along, even more pitiful.

There is really no contest. Why don't you just accept the fact RK is ten times the website compared to your piss-poor kindergarten?

Also your blind support for the three stooges in light of the facts shows you to be nothing more than a midget-brained sycophant.

And get this straight for the last time I never asked you to be a member of WAMRI’s board. I did offer you the opportunity to contribute if you would cease your efforts on the internet.

This was done not because we thought you actually could contribute anything of merit.

From the get-go your efforts on the net have done more to stifle and distort genuine interest in antique/historic rugs than you and your cohorts will ever be able to conceive and stopping that was the sole motivation for my offer. Got it now?

Also meat-head hear this clear and loud - you are not my favorite target, don't delude yourself into such an impressive position.

My favorite target is stupidity and you, dear steev, are again the poster-boy - big time in that regards, as well.

BTW doug says hi and thinks you should spend your time teaching Cevat some spelling and grammar instead of trying to prove what a rug-know-little you are.

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