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Wed, Jul 27th, 2005 04:48:45 PM
Topic: Ebay's Own Snake-Oil Salesman

Anyone wishing to have a good chuckle should not miss checking out jim, call me jimbo, allen's constant parade of phoney, new rug offerings on Ebay.

His Ebay name, should you not have already read about him here on RK.com is a-bey.

This dubious ding-dong of a rug seller has reversed the old new rugs for old flim-flam - he doesn't bother trading new rugs for old and then have to spend the time to go sell the old rugs. He just sells new rugs as old and pockets the lucre he vacuum-cleans out of unsuspecting ebayer's pockets, who believe his BS write-ups.

RK.com feels sorry for those poor hapless mokes but, afterall, if they are stupid enough to believe what good ole boy jimbo writes without doing any investigation, the fault is their's.

However, RK.com doesn't agree with this brand of logic, as cheating is never exonerated by saying "it's their fault not mine", especially when the perpetrator's entire act is blatantly misleading.

Here's a quote from an a-bey auction that is currently running:
"A truly historical weaving of real value and investment potential here and ready for sale on ebay! "

And here is the fake, reproduction brand new rug he is trying to pass off as an investment grade antique Karachopf Kazak:

Hardy Ha Ha, jimbo you creep.

Perhaps one day RK will turn our attentions on mr allen and his errant ways but for now we have bigger fish to fry. But whenever we need a laugh we just tune in on one of his "sales".

You all should too.

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