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Author:written by S. Hamod posted by jc
Sun, Feb 27th, 2005 11:52:04 AM
Topic: Bush and Condi's European Dog and Pony Show

George and Conde in Europe: The "Charm Offensive" Didn't Work
Sam Hamod

No European, especially no European leader is as gullible as the American public or as gullible as such American reporters as Andrea Mitchell and her colleagues at ABC and CBS, whose names I can’t even recall at this time. I cite Andrea because she and her colleagues have continually repeated the false mantra that George Bush has said, “He won’t invade Iran, that it’s ridiculous to say so.” Oh, Andrea and friends, how stupid can you be?

What George Bush actually said is that it was “ridiculous” to think that he would invade Iran, but then he immediately followed this with, “Having said that, all options are on the table.” He then looked up the way he does in America, with that smirky grin, and looked as if he thought he’d conned some more dummies.

But he hadn’t. None of us who were listening, aside from the American reporters and the typical American audience, had been deceived. We knew that he had just shot off more of his patented double talk. He had said nothing about Iran except that, I’ll do what I want when I want—“all options are on the table.”

If you listened to American media you heard only the mantra of “no attack on Iran, the president said so.” I repeat this for effect, so that no one misunderstands the reality of what is going on and the misinformation the American media is using, in its typical Orwellian fashion to twist the minds and the truth when it’s presented to a too often gullible American public.

The European leaders heard GW Bush loud and clear. They are not dumb, so they played political rhetoric with him and said they stood with him against terror, but they never said they would agree with him on an attack on Iran, nor did they give him any real support for his “reconstruction” of Iraq (the French were the most obvious, agreeing through NATO to give one officer, stationed in Brussels, who would count shipments of weapons to the new Iraqi police and army) and after Chirac smiled and gave nothing more, Shroeder of Germany made clear to Bush that the sales of arms to China from the EU “would happen”—thus, destroying the unity of the NATO arms embargo against China, and slapping Bush in the face most clearly because he had demanded that the EU not sell arms to China.

The EU has had enough of Bush and his mistress of state, Conde Rice. First Rice went to the EU ahead of Bush, with what she thought was her “charm offensive, “ kind of like the early Nazi embassies to Europe to assure them of their right to invade other countries of Europe in pre WWII. But Conde was so transparent that it didn’t work in private, much to her consternation. Yes, the American media played it out as a “triumph of diplomacy.”

However, no EU paper saw it that way; in fact, most treated her with contempt and derision. Therefore, in the next few days she “scolded Europe,” Led by the sovereign nations of France and Germany, most let Conde Rice know that she was but a lower level personage with little political savvy and that they would not honor her any further, no matter how make up she wore or how wide her smile in public. Just as the Congress did to Hillary Clinton when she “scolded them” when Bill Clinton arrived in office, the European leaders made clear to Conde that she was not the president, and that even he was not as significant as he had been before Iraq and America’s decline. They basically silenced her nasty mouth and her imperious ways.

In my opinion, this was a good lesson for Conde. It brought her back to reality—especially in light of how she had been able to lie, to insult and then get away with her misbehavior in her hearings with Congress when she was confirmed and later went before them with other matters.

But even then, I’m sure she thought “that ol’ charmer”, George W. Bush, would come to Europe and prevail. How wrong she was.

So, up rode President Bush displaying what he thought was his “charm offensive.” His “charm” lasted only a few hours before he tried to dictate behavior as well, with Conde sitting alongside her man.

She smiled and looked pleased and confident when Mr. Bush spoke, but to no avail—she and the American reporters were the only ones who kept seeing through rose-colored glasses—everyone else, especially the sophisticated and independent European media saw the dog and pony show for what it was—a charade. Chirac and Shroeder were polite, shook hands, smiled and did not allow themselves to be deceived or taken in, or showed in deep agreement with Bush on attacking Iran, nor did they allow Bush to speak ill of Hezbollah and when he did, they politely disagreed with him and informed him that Hezbollah was an integral part of a free and independent Lebanon, and that they saw any attack on Syria or Iran as destabilizing in the Middle East and that they would look unfavorably on such actions as he might be considering. Thus, instead of ‘charming” them with his offensive, he came off as simply “offensive.”

Bush then went on saying to the American public that he’d achieved a “great victory, great unity, with Europe,” with the major American media, including the old tried and true, NPR and PBS toeing the line as well. But none of us who watch the European, Asian, Middle Eastern or African media were taken in—Bush suffered another diplomatic defeat. Clearly, the European leadership has told Bush this time that he will not have their vote to attack Iran, Syria or Lebanon—that Iraq showed them how wrong he was, and is.

When Bush went on to “deal with Putin,” once again, he was undone. Putin made him sound like a scolding child, and Putin smiled and walked away with no losses. When he was in private with Bush, he made clear that the did not want to embarrass Bush, but that if Bush kept up his attack on him, that he, Putin would unleash his heavy verbal artillery on Bush. Bush then moderated his views publicly, because he had no choice.

What Putin said was that he had interests in Iran and Syria, and that it was hands off for Bush in areas. If Bush put his hands into those areas, or if Israel did, then Russia would act in its own self-interest and that was for Bush to think about. Putin also made clear to Bush that he had been very unhappy with Bush for taking up with the Russian oligarchs who had fled to Israel, then were allowed to attend Bush’s “Prayer Breakfast” and have a private meeting with him, when Putin had arrest warrants out for them and their Israeli banker allies who had tried to take over Russia with Israeli and Rothschild monies through Yukos and its leader, Khorokovsky ( in league with the two aforementioned, Borozovsky and another).

Bush kept his mouth shut thereafter, realizing that Putin might smile, but he was not some gullible fool who he might take in as he had so many in the Democratic party, the media and the American public.

Bush has come home now, but if you notice, he no longer talks about the triumph of his European tour or his talks with his “friend,” Putin. He’s back on the trail of his theft of your money and mind through his “social security reform.” He no longer talks about his “victory” in Iraq, nor what his “allies” will do to help the U.S. in this disastrous misadventure, this tragedy that will never be forgotten in the Muslim and Arab countries of the world.

At this point, Bush is a beaten man in every part of the world except America.

But here, he has a weak and corrupt “opposition” in the Democrats, led by such bootlickers as Joe Lieberman, John Kerry and others. He can also call on support, from time to time from such Israel firsters as Tom Lantos, Senator Feinstein, Schumer, King and the like—with Kerry rushing along with Hillary Clinton to join them lest they lose some of their Zionist financial support. But have no fear, the Europeans have measured Bush, as has Putin and the Russians, and they have found him wanting, foolish, weak-minded, a bully who has spread his resources in men and finance so thinly that he is in trouble at every turn and now has no exist strategy in Iraq nor a solution to an ever increasing American financial insolubility.

As for China, they’ve measured and understood him since his first visit after he got into office; they’ve known all these things about Bush and his policies, and they have aided and abetted him in his downward spiral financially. Militarily, they benefited a great from deals with Reagan, Clinton and Bush in the early days—now they are benefiting from exporting cheap goods to America.

When Bush called on China to let its currency drop in value, the Chinese said, “No.” They are not foolish; they have no major corporations they are trying to subsidize, as does America with Boeing, GE, GM, etc. They also want to buy oil and gas on the cheap, because they can with a strong currency, and they can buy European arms in the same way. In the meantime, with our very weak dollar, we pay dearly for oil because of our weak dollar, and have no financial leverage on Europe because they know, as do the Chinese and people at the IMF, that America is in trouble financially. If we make an analogy to our household financial situation, America is now bankrupt and going into debt more deeply every day.

Let me also add that China has played a shrewd hand with North Korea. China has told Bush that North Korea is not to be attacked—just like South America for the U.S., it’s China’s area of influence and the U.S. should keep its hands out. China has also told the U.S., especially Bush and his minions, that Taiwan is an internal Chinese matter and that he best understand that unless he wants trouble that he cannot handle with China.

There is no doubt that the European crowds reflect much of the way that Europe really feels about Bush and America’s policies—“Down with Bush,” and “Bush, World Enemy #1,” and “Go Home Bush,” and “Bush the Murderer.” There is no doubt that no world leader worth his or her salt did anything but chuckle sardonically when Bush uttered some his famous double talk in Europe by saying that it was ridiculous to say he was going to attack Iraq, but then said, “But having said that, all options are on the table.”

No one in Europe, the Middle East, Africa or Asia believed him before his most recent public double talk—now they trust him even less.

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