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Sun, Feb 27th, 2005 06:14:04 PM
Topic: "Trouble-maker"?

Recently, RK spoke to a rug dealer from the Los Angeles area. Upon hearing it was yours truly, this guy said “Hi, trouble-maker”.

When asked “What does that mean?” he replied “A lot of people are calling you that because of what you’re doing.”

Questioned a bit further, this person then exclaimed “I really don’t care but a lot of other people do. They all want you to cut it out and just forget about the rug LACMA bought.”

After explaining the facts to him, i.e. RK wasn’t going to do that, he then said “Well you’re just going to make more people mad at you unless you stop.”

Such is typical of the ass-backwards world all thinking individuals, not only those in rugdom, find themselves living in.

Can you imagine calling someone who has proven dodds’s rug to be about 200 years newer than what was originally stated a troublemaker?

That’s not all, as we have done likewise to everything we have heard about his sales-pitch (the details of which were told to us directly by dale gluckman the curator who handled the purchase for LACMA). Everything dodds told her has also proven to be lies or gross mis-statements of the truth.

How much more proof does one need to realize the rug’s purchase was a giant mistake?

RK knows well how incapable 99% of the rug world is at realizing what is true and what is fiction – this has been proven time and time again.

Recently RK read the following and would like to quote it here:
“Learning requires humility and a willingness to put the truth before emotional investments.”

How many rug-people are able to do this?

We say maybe 1%, the rest only able to lap up the pabulum hali and rug names like johnny-boy thompson and michael aka little lord franses to name two of the leading pabulum-pushers, have dished out on a regular basis.

Because RK is independent and equally as experienced (even more so in our humble opinion) names like those have for years spread absurd stories in their efforts to discredit what RK knows, and is more than willing to share with everyone.

These fools are annoyed RK has research skills, access to all types of hidden and even suppressed information and a sense of spiritual truth. We present these skills for no reasons of personal gain or glorification, only to see the truth out over falsehood, lies and deception.

So if that’s how you define a troublemaker than, yes, RK is one, and a big-time one at that.

If we were as misguided or wrong as these names, and many other big-mouthed fools, claim how come none of them have ever disproved or debunked what we say?

Also how come they do not even bother to defend themselves when we have proven them wrong?

On both counts these pompous twiddles know they could not possibly succeed, hence their silence and their continuing behind the scenes gossip and innuendo.

That trouble-maker comment typifies this.

As far as RK.com is concerned an insipid level of moral compromise hangs over rugdom and the LACMA fiasco is but one ultra-high profile example.

Most of the names in the rug world are dysfunctional, disenchanted sour-grape crushing pedants who struggle to maintain “control” over this tiny corner of the art-world.

Those in high positions act like they have sold their souls and not just their skills, providing they ever had any to sell. A holier than thou stench surrounds them.

Witness the three-stooges (thompson, mackie and denny) who agreed with dodds the rug was 16th century.

It was their benediction that convinced LACMA to purchase that rug.

Even worse, now that denny has declared his error and dated to the young side of circa 1750, no-one is saying anything. Not one peep!

If this doesn’t prove what fools inhabit the rug world, RK doesn’t know what it would shake the sleeping idiots that subscribe to hali, go to sotheby and Christie auctions, buy shelves full of rug books and attend icoc and acor events to call that dud of a rug now hanging in LACMA a dud.

Another quote from the same writer we mentioned above also fits well here:
“Consequently we live in a solipsistic society. (Solipsism is a reality that is invented and has little or no objective validity.)”

How true this statement rings rugdom’s bells as well.

RK well knows the power inherent in bureaucracies and, regrettably, the rug world’s has become so bloated and disingenuous that any objective truth that contradicts the solipsistic nonsense favored by that bureaucracy is instantly labeled subversive.

Don’t you all think it’s about time to clean house and get back to reality? Or has the organ-grinding of that bureaucracy become so ingrained that everyone is dancing, or at least tapping their foot in time, to its awful tune?

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