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Fri, Mar 4th, 2005 10:25:53 PM
Topic: For the Record re:LACMA


Los Angeles Times Thursday March 03, 2005
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Turkish carpet -- An article in the Feb. 21 Calendar section about a Turkish carpet purchased by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art whose date appears to be later than believed at the time of acquisition identified Jack Cassin, who questioned the carpet's authenticity, as a New York rug dealer and author. Cassin identifies himself an art dealer whose interest is in historic Oriental carpets. Also, Cassin previously said that he had not seen the carpet; he says now that he did see it years earlier while it was on exhibit in Philadelphia.

Seems the LA Times and LACMA believe RK is as dumb as dodds and gluckman. Did they really think we'd be please with this mealy-mouthed insult they call a "correction"?

Well, just in case they do let us make this perfectly clear- We're not.

We have issued The Times an ultimatum and they are now, we believe, mulling it over.

Should they not agree within the time period we have outlined we will be publish both sides of our correspondence here on RK.com and seek all further means of remedy.

RK is prepared to use any means necessary to force both the Times and LACMA to regret their continuing attempts to cover-up what we have called an art-crime and travesty of trust.

We are sure those of us who know what RK.com stands for realize "We have not yet begun to Fight." Soon LACMA and the Times will also.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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