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Mon, Mar 14th, 2005 01:28:29 PM
Topic: Cutting Bread Dulls A Sharp Knife

Over in clownland there is a ludicrous "debate" going on that RK.com has avoided mentioning for obvious reasons.

However we have decided to comment now only because one of the participants, michael , aka Alfred E Newman, Mambo and N.P.D, wendorf should know better than entering into a food-fight with the likes of the mini-minds who inhabit professor clown's sand box.

Centered on a semi-antique (circa 1920) carpet that was obviously made in the Kerman-Yazd area, whose owner mistakenly believes is a 17th century Mughal rug, steevís usual collection of magpie fools have been entertaining this absurd provenance instead of ridiculing it.

Shame on wendorf, who is someone who knows the difference, for spending any time fueling the owner's fantasies with more worthless patter.

Even now that wendorf has finally stopped pulling his punches and stated the obvious - that the rug is not Mughal or 17th century - the owner has dug his heels in and continues to "prove" his point.

Not only does this, like so many other instances RK.com has pointed out, demonstrate the inherent weakness in professor clown's website but, once again, calls into question why anyone would bother to read, let alone participate in such stupid, inane chat-line nonsense.

RK suggests mr wendorf spend his time doing more important things than composing long-winded missives pandering to price=clown's highly challenged crowd. And also that professor clown and his bunch of rug-dummies wake up to the facts and take their valueless chat off the web and out of public purview.

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