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Sat, Mar 26th, 2005 09:16:20 PM
Topic: LACMA, the Camel and the Sand Dune

Like the famous camel that stuck its head in a sand dune and believed no-one could see it, LACMA is weathering the storm and getting ready to moth-ball their rug.

It is truly a shame, even walter denny has declared the purchase not 16th century, nor circa 1600 but actually somewhat shy of 1750 and no-one says a peep. Brain-dead rugdom. Face fact, denny tried to gild the lilly but, folks, there is no justification for LACMA's purchasing this rug on any level - they were cheated and bamboozled. Regardless denny calls it a"pretty rug", it is not museum worthy, especially viewed along with the Coronation and Ardebil carpets LACMA already owns.

Burying this disaster of a purchase in moth-balls might get it out-of-sight but it won't get it out-of-mind.

Round 1 is over and much as we'd like to score it, we have to give it to the museum. The successful twisting of the story in the Times and the fact that dumber than a rock statement by ms nancy thomas will go unrecognized both auger well for them.

But this ain't a one round lolly and RK has yet begun to twist back. So stay tuned, more sparks to fly.

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