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Fri, Apr 29th, 2005 09:06:12 AM
Topic: Silence is consent re: LACMA


Almost everyone familiar with Antique Carpets enough to know a Holbein from a Bellini knows the rug purchased from dennis dodds by the Los Angeles County Art Museum (LACMA) is not even close to what the Museum was told.

We have proven this beyond a doubt, as anyone who has read the numerous reports here on RK.com would readily agree.

OK then, if 100's of folks know this why is there no public expression of their knowledge? Why are rug collectors, dealers and fanciers sitting on their hands? Why doesn't anyone care enough to inform the Museum of how grievous their error is?

RK knows how apathetic the rug world is and how "afraid" everyone is to take a position - especially if that position runs counter to the "accepted" one.

This is truly a pathetic situation and it is about time for the rug world to stand up and be counted.

Trust RK on this one, a totally sold-out hali magazine will not say one peep about this - it might hurt advertising or subscriber revenues (all hamburger danny and co really care about). Or, more significantly, highlight other late period genre reproduction rugs sold by the favored-few rug names, like dodds.

No, donít expect hali to help - it is up to individuals, who cannot stand knowing that dud of a late-period genre reproduction was sold to a major museum, to write or call LACMA and register their opinions.

Only this will push LACMA to re-assess it's position, cease the cover-up and damage control mode, and begin to look at what has happened realistically.

I know what a pain it is to write a letter or make such a phone call but unless the rug world registers its opinion in public, instead of joking about it in private, the Museum will mothball the rug.

Now folks, do you all think they or any other institution will soon be buying any rugs? If you think so you are at least as brain-dead as dodds, who believed he could get away with selling a late 18th century genre-repro rug to LACMA as a 16th century example. His entire sales-pitch was as full of holes as a slice of Swiss-cheese, all of his statements debunked and disproved as lies by our research. And to think dodds pocketed almost twice the price he was willing to sell it to anyone else for should guarantee his acceptance into Ali-Babaís gang of 40 thieves.

Wake up, rugdom, this affects all of us indirectly and indirectly - and it will continue to until it is straightened out.

Here is the Address for LACMA:

Andrea Rich, director
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
5905 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Here is the phone number for Ms Andrea Rich, the Museum's director:

Author: jc
Fri, Apr 29th, 2005 09:06:12 AM

We have heard from a number of readers who tell us they have written letters to LACMA and Andrea Rich to express their concerns about the dodds rug purchase.

We would first like to thank them all for having taken the time to do this and for notifying RK.com of their efforts.

Let us also take this opportunity to urge all you other readers to seriously consider doing the same, as only thru a strong expression of public dismay and concern in tandem with our campaign will LACMA realize they cannot just ignore the errors they made in judging the artistic merits, or lack of them as any realistic evaluation would have determined, in purchasing the rug and, of course, the decision to affect a stone-wall and cover-up of the matter.

RK is convinced that if enough people express their feeling in writing, and so far not one email to us has stated agreement with LACMA or dodds's viewpoint, LACMA will be forced to back off and re-evaluate their options.

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