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Sat, Apr 30th, 2005 12:36:32 PM
Topic: Open Letter to hali magazine re: LACMA

Surely the objections raised here on RK.com concerning the dud of a rug LACMA purchased from dodds have reached across the Atlantic and are by now known to you.

The apparent disinterest and avoidance of this topic you have thus far evinced must mean you feel what has been written by us is not worth commenting upon. Either that or you are afraid to engage us in discussion on the merits, or lack of them, to our argument. We suspect the later is the reason for your silence.

RK must comment we expected no different, as there is no upside for you here and a big downside, right?

Since you, hamburger danny as we like to call you, generally are over your head when it come to displaying expert knowledge of historic Oriental Carpets, RK.com clearly believed you would be unable to cogently frame any argument on either side of this issue. However, because anyone with even a smattering of familiarity with early Turkish village rugs can discern dodds's rug that is now housed in LACMA's storeroom is the dud we claim it is, even you know what we say is fact.

Granted dodds is one of the "names" hali has consistently trumpeted and others similarly favored, like little lord franses, johnny eskanazi et. al, have also passed off other late genre copies as 16th and 17th century masterpieces more times than we'd bother to recount herewith.

This being the case, RK well understands your reticence to express what you know - Heaven Forbid, you might loose them as advertisers.

Such self-interest and in-group pandering is never laudable but when, in an instance like this where a public institution has purchased an inferior work and you know it, your silence and obvious head-turning borders on complicity.

The level of honesty and truth appearing between hali's glossy, some would say greasy, covers has never been one of the high points of your rags accomplishments but since you have been in the editor's swivel chair there has been an obvious decomposition in that department in our expert opinion.

The antique and historic carpet and textile world is a small one, in fact it is very small and the number of people who are capable or even willing to voice an opinion publicly almost infinitesimal. This puts great responsibility on hali and, more than any other reason, demands you, and the magazine that pays for your meal ticket, own up and take that responsibility seriously and to heart.

Why have you not done that?

Author: jc
Sat, Apr 30th, 2005 12:36:32 PM

Recently several readers have asked us why hali magazine has not weighed in, other than printing that insipid and totally ignorant "review" of LACMA's displaying the carpet written by rug ignoramus sherri hunter, on the LACMA/dodds fiasco.

The answers to this question were addressed by us in the open letter to hali displayed above but perhaps a bit of further clarification is in order.

1. While we have heard a rumor that the coming issue of hali will have something about this matter, we do not believe schaeffer, who by the way has given up the editor's swivel chair to a subordinate and is now involved with hali's "management team", or anyone else on their staff has enough rug expertise to be qualified in making any cogent judgment on the veracity of our claims.

2. As we all know dodds is a high profile rug name involved with the icoc - an organization hali maintains close, some might suggest incestuous ties with -, as well as the former American rep. for hali and a frequent two page advertiser. Will, or even can, hali face the LACMA issue in an unprejudiced manner? Not to ask a rhetorical question but when, dear readers, has hali ever proven truth comes before advertising revenue?

3. It is abysmally clear hali believes happy face reportage, rather than nut and bolts examination of rug world issues, is the best tack and RK doubts they will make an about-face concerning dodds's dud of a rug that now is in "storage" somewhere in the nether world of LACMA's basement.

No folks hali will not touch this issue because, as we stated in the post that started this thread, there's too much for hali to lose here and little to gain.

Sadly the "little to gain" that looks miniscule to a myopic over-stuffed shirt like schaeffer and the rest of hali's management team, all of whom have direct and indirect ties to dennis dodds, is actually something quite large and important - the truth.

And the truth is something every journal's publisher, management team and editors should not only mouth platitudes to but most importantly prove by their actions in print.

Author: jc
Sun, Apr 17th, 2005 09:41:14 AM

We have heard several 'rumors' from London concerning what position, if any, hali will take concerning this issue.

The most reliable one seems to imply there will be no official response and hali, like LACMA (the Los Angeles County Museum of Art) and dodds, believes ignoring this disaster and letting it fade out of mind is the best policy.

Let us now inform them all that RK.com will not allow this travesty to go away unnoticed.

We will continue our efforts, which by the way are being acknowledged by more and more people with each passing day, to convince LACMA not only how little value dodds's dud of a rug adds to their Islamic Art Collection and what a bogus bill of goods he presented them about its provenance and significance but also how obvious their cover-up of those facts has become.

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