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Tue, Apr 19th, 2005 08:52:20 PM
Topic: Once A Salesman re: rippon-boswell Spring Sale

The spring sale at rippon-boswell comprises 82 rugs from the "schuster collection". Apparently the shusters owned a store in Zurich and are going out of business hence the dispersal sale of their leftovers.

Calling this accumulation a collection, truly a misnomer if there ever was one in rugdom, takes airport art to new heights and presents kaufhaus (department store) goods in the guise of "art".

We heard once upon a time detlef maltzahn, the principal owner of rippon boswell (with his consort, christa, who has always reminded me of the wicked witch of the north) was at one time a salesman for used cars. We don't know if this is true or not, nor do we care.

However, selling old jalopies that have been repainted to look new might be analogous to selling the out of fashion goods on offer at this sale.

Is business on Friedrichstrasse so poor that the boswells have to resort to selling such pedestrian rugs? We wonder....

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