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Author:written by E. Lewis posted by jc
Wed, Apr 20th, 2005 08:06:00 PM
Topic: On Freedom

How is this for an expression of American good will?

"We will export death and violence to the four corners of the Earth in defense of our great nation."
U.S. President George W. Bush, post 9/11 (Pfaff, 2003)

Bush, just as with most Americans, has the belief that we are the “all good” of the world, and that America has the right and destiny to control all other people.

Of course, Bush is pretty much a dummy; a small, incompetent human that has been given power that no man should hold. And, I might add, prohibited by the Constitution for the united States of America. His ignorance and ease of being controlled are the plus that the neocons - anti-human freedom and, hence, anti-American – wanted.

How controlled and un-American is Bush?

“I never stop thinking about ways to harm America.”

Thus, the reason he is in the white house. He presents no risk to those who would destroy America and the world’s evolution of human reason, as he wants to be known as the man that dictates to the world neocon demands.

You may want somewhat of an idiot to represent you – that is your right, which I would defend. I, however, deny Bush any representation of me. I say to the world that only I am me and that I despise what corporate lackeys such as Bush are doing to the American people and those of the world.

Bush the Demented does not begin to represent my thoughts and feelings for other people. Otherwise, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, Afghanis, and other people around the world would still be alive and undamaged by the world’s most ruthless army – the US Military indoctrinated to believing they are defending freedom, establishing freedom, or some other myth that drives them to slaughter other people and destroy all that is precious to them.

Thus, we are divided.

I believe every man and country has the right to determine their own destiny and to use their resources as they see fit, without interference from the world’s largest and mightiest terror organization – the US Government Corporation and what must be termed a private “mercenary” army regardless of their indoctrination to the contrary.

We are divided religiously and secularly in nearly every facet of human co-existence. Look, Christians, you either believe or you do not in human rights granted by the Creator of all. There is no in-between; they are no shades of gray; there is no left, right, conservative, liberal, or any other term signifying something other that simple basic belief.

You cannot hold one idea as truth, and then support just the opposite. Pro-life is an example. How can you hold that you believe in human life rights begin at conception, and then support the maiming and slaughter of thousands of innocent men, women, and children of other lands and America (Waco) by the US Military? Do you not see the hypocrisy?

And so we are divided.

How does one profess to believe in the rights granted to us by our Creator and to have faith in Him, while at the same time begging for and buying privileges from those we elect to govern civil servants and other artificial persons?

And so we are divided.

How do we hold that all men are created equal, and that no one is above the law, while at the same time allowing other men to order what you may or may not do, officials breaking dozens of laws with impunity, or that we Americans have the duty to force upon others governments and beliefs not of their own? Do you not recognize the hypocrisy?

And so we are divided.

What we have experienced and are experiencing in this union of states is the complete and utter destruction of state’s rights, with state defined as the people living in a given geographic area, such as Missouri. If we are “one nation”, then of course state boundaries are essentially wiped out, and we do become one nation.

But, make no mistake: it is not under God, unless your god is the United States Corporate Government created in 1871, as God is being wiped from all aspects of public American life.

And so we are divided.

I believe in America as founded – a union of states, not one gigantic territory of the United States, with people only under the Laws of God, Natural Law, and the Common Law of Man, which is based on God’s Laws.

I also believe in the sovereignty the people hold. We are above and outside man-made rules and regulations. If you do not believe this, then you are indoctrinated to the State being your master, with State meaning the representative de facto governing body, not the factual de jure governing body.

And so we are divided.

No man has the authority to rule over me, unless I am under contract with him and give him my express permission to order me about. It makes no difference that the man is a public/civil servant; the laws of our Creator rule me, and no other.

This is not to say the State does not have power. It does. It is the power exhibited through its armed and dangerous militarized law enforcers that nearly to a man/woman have no concept of what America is supposed to be, and that do not recognize human rights.

They are the tools of State corporate de facto governments under the control of the US Government Corporation wild with under color of authority protected through arms and corrupt quasi-courts created by the State.

The job they do is create revenues for the State and to control the people, control being to deny the free expression of human rights secured by the Constitution for the united States of America by its limiting government to no interference in human rights by public/civil servants.

And so we are divided.

I believe in human rights, and that government as it now is, is as un-American as every murderous, tyrannical government has been.

People have been led to believe that people such as myself who believe in the power of the people over government are terrorists, right-wing radicals, conspiracy theory psychos, and other terms used to destroy or hide the facts of what is going on with the US (the corporate government), and your local governments, the State, as city and county governments are creations of the State.

Discrediting is one of the main tools used by those transforming this land from one of freedom to one of complete servitude. Far too many people fall for it, and so divisions deepen.

Do you not realize, People, that a divided people are easily conquered and controlled by those that have no right to control?

Do you also not realize, People, that evil men intent on destroying human rights realize this and have for generations carried out the increase in dividing the people, that such has been and is the plan.

Thus, in my nearly six decades of life, I have watched as we have become more divided through nearly every facet of human relations – sex, color, creed, religion, nationality interests, Law verses man made rules, the role of government, entitlements, for the children, education, contracting, property ownership, and private verses public to name a few.

Each of us has the choice to help those that are destroying human rights and self-will, or to fight those that are destroying the concept by insisting all rights are protected and preserved, including that we must get the mercenary US Military and militarized law enforcers out of our towns, cities, and other countries.

We must, People, become once again free people living in free states independent of the US Government Corporation. We must stop conceiving of ourselves as One Nation under God, as one nation destroys our human rights. Thus, the interference in our lives by the US Government, which is to say we are treated as people in a territory or federal enclave.

What does that do? Well, it places you under plenary power of the US Government, and removes rights by converting them to privileges granted by the few to the many. That destroys the America most profess to believe in.

And, it destroys the very Laws of our Creator, that we are all equal, and essentially bound to not interfere with the rights of others, and that no right may be voted or legislated away.

We in this land founded on human freedom have a choice. We can stay divided and become just another conquered people, aiding the intent of anti-human right factions establishing a one-world government. Such will be a world with essentially all countries becoming one with human self-will destroyed by force of arms controlled by a very few.

Or, we can just say NO to unconstitutional corporate governing bodies.

My choice is a simple one to make, for once our land – America – is totally ripped asunder, it will be too late for generations to come.

It is not the legacy I want for future Americans or any of the other peoples of the world.

Is your choice as simple? What do you want as a legacy for future Americans – liberty or servitude?

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