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Author:posted by jc
Fri, Oct 7th, 2011 02:27:23 AM
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Earlier this morning RK learned steven paul "steve" jobs, of apple computers, has left the planet.

There is little doubt millions will praise this man but few of them really know who and what he was all about.

The MSM(mainstream media) version is rarely the truth and this will most decidedly be the case with mr jobs.

RK uses an apple computer and has since 1995. In this time frame we have had our personal battles with apple, as have others.

Sorry but this is not the time and place for us to recount our personal experiences, nor is it the time and place to publicly announce our views on mr jobs.

We would gladly, though, like to comment on how he is perceived by those millions and the MSM.

To do so we will use the words of Voltaire who when asked about history quipped "History is nothing but fables agreed upon".

And so it will go with mr jobs and his 'contribution' to 'history' a fable agreed upon.

We can also only help but state were jobs never to have met Steve Wozniak, the hardware and tech genius behind the initial apple, we are sure jobs would never have made it into the limelight.

We are also sure, had he not, someone else would have initiated and developed every 'contribution' jobs is given, and takes, credit for.

Lastly, great men are remembered not by their wealth, or how they made it.

Rather they are remembered for what they did, and steve jobs did little, if anything, to justify his godly status other than sell something someone else invented.

Sure apple computers is just a company designed and run to make money and jobs was their star salesman.

This is not something bad but when an entity like apple, or a person like jobs, is held in such awe, given attributes akin to a Ghandi or a number of other genuine supermen of the human race RK could name, and generally believed to be something beyond human, this is as foolish as believing America's wars are just and making the world a better place.

So jobs is gone, and many will wonder who will replace him.

Far more to the point is asking why the revolution in technology apple and jobs consistently proclaimed they were making appears to now have become not a tool to save the planet but one to enslave it -- something jobs and apple have done absolutely nothing to protest(bad for the bottom line).

RK realize many will dispute what we have written and cast aspersion on our position but as the old saying goes "it ain't over until the fat lady sings" and believe it or not she is entering stage right.

Author: jc
Fri, Oct 7th, 2011 02:27:23 AM

RK has read a number of comments made by others about steven jobs and his life and times.

Frankly, we have never been that interested in him but since others surely are, and are now writing about what they know (both good and bad), we have we have learned quite a bit.

Perhaps the most salient thing is many other people feel as we do, that all the idolization and adulation for him is way out of perspective.

'Nuff said, we do not intend to continue discussing jobs unless RugKazbah receives readers comments.

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