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Link Description The website was orchestrated by Alan Marcuson, who has had a rather checkered career in the rug business. It was supposed to become the portal for oriental rugs and like many's it was launched with great fanfare and promise but it never really got off the ground. Now several years later most of those plans remain unfulfilled or shut down. The projected auction gallery never materialized and a number of other areas of the site have been turned off or left unattended, like the online magazine and gallery sections. What's left now acts as a venue for a group of rug dealers offering objects for sale at fixed prices that often are unlisted. The big question here is how long the site will remain active now that its failure to attract significant revenue has become public knowledge.
rug notes aka spongo bongo This is really not a website but a Yahoo email group. The erstwhile promoter and self-acclaimed rug historian, Barry O'Connell, has managed to accumulate a voluminous cache of his writings on subjects as varied as "List of Trusted Dealers" to a "Who's Who of the Rug World" to his own scattered writings on the history of oriental carpets. While Mr. O'Connell makes no claims to be an expert the demeanor and tone of his writing implies otherwise. However, it rarely provides anything other than his opinions and those are often questionable.
hali This is the online extension of the rug magazine, which has been going slowly downhill as it tries to broaden the base of its operations. Originally it was focused only on antique oriental rugs and carpets but now decorative rugs and new production share the spotlight. Along with this has come forays into tribal arts and textiles from the Americas and Far East. On the website, there are notices of events, an auction price guide section and often items linked to publicity for it's advertisers while most of the other features are accessible only by subscription Tune in here to watch a circus of clowns play at being rug-expurts in monthly installments, called salons that showcase buffoonery to the max. Led by professor price=clown, and his team of junior wanna-be rug know-nothings(J.Howe, M. Amstey, J. Silverman,etc.), they fail to convince anyone to the contrary and often themselves as well. Recommended for laughs but surely nothing else.
carpet rug Need A Rug? Check out this site.
Natural Area Rugs natural area rugs and more
Hort Oriental Rugs This site offers a changing inventory of oriental rugs and textiles for sale. Ron Hort, the affable owner, offers personal assistance to help collectors and decorators to help find what they are looking for at affordable prices.
Clive Rogers Oriental Rugs Clive Roger's Oriental Rugs is located in England close to Heathrow Airport. Mr. Roger's has a large inventory of both new and old rugs and welcomes all to visit him in his gallery or on the web.
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